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    Posted July 26, 2012 by

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    Stop the Massacre of Muslims in Burma Myanmar

    It has been reported that over 20,000 Muslims have been massacred in Myanmar, Burma since June 28th 2012 during clashes in the western region of Rakhine by Buddhist Rakhines.

    Thousands of Muslims are being tortured and killed in Burma and despite the call for more media coverage foreign journalists are censored to report on the issue and continue to remain silent.

    The UN has described the Muslim community in Rakhine as the Palestine of Asia and one of the most-persecuted minorities in the world.

    Countries around the world have been urged to intervene to stop the brutal massacre of Muslims in Myanmar on the grounds of human rights and killing of innocent civilians. However despite the countless calls for intervention the massacre of Muslims remains to continue without intervention from human rights organisations or government officials.

    Over 1,200 Muslims are missing and 80,000 are already displaced due to the atrocities that they have been afflicted with. Iran's Basij Organization had denounced the silence of human rights bodies and international organizations on Myanmar’s violence against the Muslim community in the country.

    In a statement the he Basij Organization stated that,” The disgraceful silence of the human rights and international organizations and those [countries] who claim to be advocates of human rights has aggravated the genocide tragedy in Myanmar.”

    The statement described Myanmar’s massacre of Muslims as a “clear example of genocide and crime against humanity” and deplored the West and international organizations' inaction toward the issue as lamentable”.

    For years Muslims in Myanmar have been deprived from their basic rights to education and employment and are subjected to forced labour, extortion and other coercive measures. Human rights groups allege that Burmese security forces continue to carry out mass arrests, forcing many Rohingya Muslims to flee for their lives. A state of emergency declared in June is still in force in many places of the province.

    Many Myanmar Muslims are fleeing to Bangladesh by boat with some reportedly travelling for days on end to escape the trauma of the current situation. The Muslims who crossed into Bangladesh in the past three decades have been living in some of the worst conditions in camps along the border. The unofficial refugee camps have no running water, drainage or health facilities, leaving the Rohingya Muslims to remain in poverty without any aid or intervention.

    Zohara Khatun, said in a report by the BBC that, “My father was shot dead by the Burmese military in front me. Our entire village was destroyed. We ran for our lives. I still don't know what happened to my mother," she said, sitting in a thatched hut in a fishing village near the town of Teknaf in south-eastern Bangladesh”.

    "My husband was killed in the riots. The Burmese police were shooting only at the Muslims, not the Buddhists. The military was just watching from the rooftop and they did not intervene," said Sayeda Begum, another Rohingya Muslim woman”.

    There has been a call for mainstream media to highlight the plight of the Rohingya Muslims massacre in Burma and a call for government officials to step in and help in the plight. Human rights organisations need to get into Burma and help provide the much needed aid that is so desperately needed in Myanmar.
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