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    Posted September 10, 2008 by
    Longhorn, Texas
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    a pig is a pig...we get what Obama meant, it's an old addage that We All Use. Not the right time to use the phase I heard, well, break the rules down for US all. Mrs. Palin WHAT ARE your RULES/GUIDLINES?


    Fact Checking the Media Should be Reporting:



    *Sarah Palin changed her mind about the "Bridge to Nowhere" only after she was elected Governor. She campaigned for it many times, and accepted millions of money from Congress to build it. Congress removed the earmark, but had already given the money to the State of Alaska or better yet, Governor Palin.



    *While Palin was Mayor of Wasilla, she and the City of Wasilla received close to $27MILLION in EARMARKS.(reference Taxpayers for Common Sense)



    *Palin stated that Barack is against producing energy. THAT IS A LIE. .....................Obama has a $150Billion Clean Energy Program to develop clean coal, advanced technology and the next generation of biofuels, and PRIORITIZED construction of the Alaska gas Pipeline.



    Quote from Larry Persily, former employee of Alaska State Office:"She was hungry for earmarks just like everybody else. Everyone was feeding at the trough" quoted in the Seattle Times



    Palin says that Obama is only interested "that someone won't read the terrorists their rights" but AGAIN, THIS IS A LIE.***Obama supports the same position as the Supreme Court in the right of detainees to challenge their imprisonment in Federal Court. Refer to Boumediene Vs. Bush back in June.



    *Sarah Palin fights against lobbying, yet she hired D.C. Lobbyist Steven Silver who helped her get her millions of dollars in earmarks for Wasilla. Oh, Silver was also a former aide to Sen Ted Stevens, the Alaskan Senator who's under investigation.



    McPalin both are saying Obama will raise taxes and put burden on American families...A LIE!..........Obama proposes to Cut Taxes for most people, 81.3% of All Households will get a TAX-CUT, this would be middle-income workers.



    Do your own research and you will find who represents what on the issues. Seems MSM is only wanting scandals to report or sensationlism, which makes the campaign off-topic. Silly reporting stupid headlines of the day!



    The Media Keeps Biting on McPalin's diversions and yes, MADE-UP CONTROVERSIES. Very Transparent!!!!!






    Please Pray for the Victim's and Their Families of 9-11 Tragedy











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