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    Posted August 3, 2012 by
    Sävsjö Sweden

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    Reclaim the milk price and buy Swedish milk products

    Farmer Mr. Jonas Johansson is confident the consumers in Sweden will get milk produced within the country boarder of Sweden when they are buying a milk carton with Arla’s red cow on it.

    Mr. Johansson highlights what he feels is a key critical point. “We the farmers own Arla and if you want to support us buy Arla products, it is a guaranteed way to support the Swedish farmers.”

    Ms. Johanna Andersson made quite a spicy comment this morning. “The grocers threatens with milk from Germany. The Swedish consumers rather buy cheap in house store grocery labels and spend their money on vacations and a flat-tv screen.”

    Well that may certainly be true for some but what does many of the Swedish teenagers and young adults have to live on these days? Can they afford to pay for a flat-tv screen and eat Swedish food at the same time? I am thinking about all the people who live on government supported welfare checks, 53 Swedish kronor per day is appropriated for an adult to shop for groceries.

    Right before noon I decided to support the Swedish farmers in what I hope is Swedish milk and dairy produce. I have my reasons to feel a level of confidence.

    In the these summer temperatures I felt like eating a little bit ligher sandwich luncheon, pour up some sour milk “fil” on a plate and add some jam.

    I hit the dairy section at Coop Konsum in Savsjo Sweden.

    To provide an equal reporting I enclose a picture of Netto featuring posters, little bit on the note of Ms. Andersson on how extraordinarily cheap they are. ICA Nara Savsjo is a store with an independent store owner under the ICA brand and today I headed off to this slightly socialistic Coop Konsum where we are members and said to receive tons of money back, money Coop Konsum necessarily doesn’t have.

    Anyhow the purchase at Coop Konsum Savsjo August 3rd 11:02 AM, was as follows: Bregott sandwich spread 18.95 SEK, Fjällfil 17.90 SEK and Messmör 6% a quite traditional spread produced in Ostersund 21.90 SEK.

    Ostersund has aspired for the Winter Olympics, it is known for its ski resorts, Are and Vemdalen, so it seemed quite appropriate now to select some products from a region that is a little bit on the outskirts in terms of food production and highlight how they too make interesting offerings and contributions in the consumer grocery isle.

    The price added up to 58.75 SEK with a grocery sales tax included of 12 percent.

    My selection has a lot to do with highlighting the issues and it is not a statement on suitable dieting, Fjallfil has higher fat content etc. In this selection we just have an interesting sampling and it also leads to conclude people on welfare doesn’t have so realistic money to eat a whole lot of Swedish food on.

    Also seen in the picture collage is the restaurant Eksjohofgards Vardshus with a strong daily menu of tradional Swedish food in Savsjo, another feature is the Sten Sture stone castle, for many years seen on a popular cheese label. The stone castle later disappeared as much of the cheese packaging became more modern. The last picture shows the majestic Vallsjo Church, showing off that maybe certain food traditions are at least in Savsjo to stay for a while longer.

    Last but not least a picture to remind about Systembolaget, Sweden’s state owned monopoly liquor store.
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