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    Los Angeles, California
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    It is Elected Black Leaders Who Need to Know that You are An American and not African American!



    "Let African Athletes Represent Africa and Black American Athletes Represent America" by GoGreen58, August 4, 2012, South Carolina


    ......many of our own U.S. born elected black leaders should be paying attention to what you have stated.

    Far too many of our black elected officials, including President Barack Obama are not upholding his or her sworn oath of office to serve U.S. born blacks, who have earned the right to be U.S. citizens/Americans.

    I'm an American and not African-American.


    Multiple generations of my family and relatives are U.S. citizens by birthright and not migrants from Africa who later became American citizens, i.e. true African-Americans.


    My Dad, Leon E. Lofton, Jr., who passed in 2003, is a disabled combat infantry purple heart recipient and honorably discharged draftee "Buffalo Soldier" of WWII.

    I'm U.S. born, black, and as a resident of the State of California, thirty year property taxpaying resident of the County of Los Angeles and the 10th Los Angeles City Council District, be it past or present day elected black leadership, I know for a fact that President Barack Obama, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, multiple members of the Congressional Black Clueless....AKA....the Congressional Black Caucus, 2nd District Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas.............


    ........10th District Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson, etc., etc., do not exercise his or her sworn oath of office to serve me, or anyone else affiliated with me.


    YouTube: "President Obama's Speech in Tampa, Florida" Published on Jun 22, 2012 by BarackObamadotcom




    1. President Barack Obama…the Statute of Liberty, the U.S. Constitution, the 14th Amendment is for the Benefit of U.S. Citizens and Legal Immigrants and not Illegal Immigrants and Anchor Babies!


    2. Black America, Don't be Duped by the Race Card Players Who Choose to Defend Bad Public Officials!


    3. If Left up to President Barack Obama and the BO Administration These Criminal Illegal Aliens Would be Given Amnesty, a Free Pass to Citizenship. In Contrast President Obama has Contempt for the Rights of Law Abiding U.S. Citizens, in Every Regard!


    4. Typically Black Elected Leaders Don't Have a Clue! Law Abiding U.S. born Descendants of Slavery Egregiously Violated by Government Must Bypass These Misfits to Get Positive Results!



    5. Indeed KoreaTown Activists, Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson is a Disgrace to the Office! I'm U.S. born, Black, and Herb Wesson et al Had my Mom Arrested and Jailed for Petitioning her Elected Official for Redress in my Behalf!


    6. It is Definitely not the Black Underclass or Working Class Who have Failed or Who are Truly Disgraceful!


    7. Black Elected Leaders are Unethical, Inept, Sleazy, and Despotic


    8. Congresswoman Waters and other CBC Members Only Bring Up the Constitution When They Need Help!


    9. Ceyseau and Inept Leaders


    10. You Tube video: "A conversation between President Obama and the black community" Published on Jun 7, 2012 by drboycewatkins


    BO sure can sing an Al Green song though, and/or …..


    Al Sharpton: Appointed to Keep Black Voters Angry and Ill-informed


    "Obama's New Partner: Al Sharpton" by PETER WALLSTEN

    ………….BO will delegate his sworn duty to serve you as a U.S. born citizen to Reverend Al Sharpton.....which is insulting to anyone who expects an elected official to uphold his sworn oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution in behalf of all U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

    President Barack Obama speaks well but does nothing. Better to have an individual who steps up to the plate with acts and deeds than to have a continuous B.S. artist as President!


    YouTube: "Demon-crats, & their Negro slaves" published on Jul 4, 2012 by 5723michael


    I commend you, Marvin Stewart, former Board Director of the Minuteman Project and other Minutemen, for your understanding of a most important function of all elected officials and the duty of elected officials to respect the Constitution and his or her oath of office when serving U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

    ....and all black people are not duped by President Barack Obama, past or present dysfunctional black leaders, no good jackleg black preachers, and/or the Democratic Party....the premier political Party of Slavery/Jim Crow/Black Code Law Enforcement!


    "Is Your Host a "Hard-Working" American? " by Rush Limbaugh, August 3, 2012


    "Facts Don't Persuade Liberals" by Rush Limbaugh, August 3, 2012



    YouTube:  "Romney rips Obama over you didn't build your business remarks" Published on Jul 17, 2012 by LSUDVM

    Mitt Romney 2012

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