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    Posted August 7, 2012 by
    Honolulu, Hawaii
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    Travel snapshots: Otherworldly landscapes

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    Alien Creatures


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     PuakeaJutka shot these photos in 2009 and 2010 while working with filmmakers in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, in Norway. She said the pristine beauty 'captures my heart and soul every time I visit.' 'It is such a great experience to see this frozen "wonderland" of the glaciers, the snow covered ragged edged mountains, the blinding white or colorful icebergs which seem to have their very own life when a sun ray hits them.' See more of her photos from Svalbard.
    - dsashin, CNN iReport producer


    The ice fields of the Svalbard Archipelago and the Arctic Ocean are offering maybe the most ‘alien’ sceneries on our Planet. The beautiful but also often bizarre ice sculptures look like as they would be part of a grand set of a sci fi movie. The magnificent landscapes of Svalbard (Spitsbergen) invite us to dream, to let our minds and souls to sore on the wings of our imagination into a mysterious world which is truly otherworldly. This report is the second part of my previous post “Out of this World”. I would like to show also a very special site of Svalbard which is truly mystical and magnificent: the incredible beauty of its ice fields.

    Svalbard is full of natural wonders and the most magnificent glaciers, which are sadly moving back due the global warming. Also its Polar bear population will be reduced dramatically in the next future. I am so thankful that I was able to travel three times to Svalbard form 2009 – 2011. I am thankful for every single minute I was privileged to stay over there. I was able to experience the greatest adventures of my life by meeting eye to eye (sometimes really in dangerously close encounter) with the majestic Polar bears, seeing in awe over 200 white Beluga whales playing in the Arctic Ocean, walking on in the bright sun glistening icebergs or forgetting all my troubles as I climbed the most majestic glaciers on the Planet.

    The wild beauty of Svalbard archipelago which is situated in the high Arctic between the 74 and 80 N longitude with its untouched nature is absolutely breathtaking. To visit Svalbard and the Arctic Ocean above it is an adventure itself, but to experience this most magnificent and magical place is a greatest event of a life time. You will meet not just the kindest people, but also the majestic animals of the Arctic, like Polar bears, Arctic foxes, Walruses, Humpback Whales, Beluga whales, Blue Whales, (the largest mammals on Earth), just name a few. Thank you: PuakeaJutka

    Photos by Jutka T. Emoke Barabas

    “Out of this World”: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-825309

    1, Alien creatures

    2, Later gator…

    3, Enchanted creatures frozen in time

    4, Where reality ands and imagination begins

    5, Watching over an icy world

    6, Is this the ‘Mothership”?

    7, Like prehistoric monsters

    8, Peaceful waters

    9, The enchanted menagerie

    10, Walking on the wild side (photo 2010)

    Question: which kind of creatures you can identify in the third photo?

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