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    Posted August 7, 2012 by
    District of Columbia
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    Is Olympic Coverage Bias?

    By: William Marlowe
    CNN iReport
    Am I the only one that is extremely disappointed in NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Olympics and how they only appear to broadcast events that the USA either wins the gold or significantly meddles? Having watched the Olympics covered on TV since 1972 gives me the advantage of seeing many different broadcasters cover the Olympics to compare NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Olympics. So far on NBC I have seen US Women’s Gymnastics, US Swimming, some Bicycle Racing, Sculling, some Track & Field, and an inordinate amount of US Volleyball, both beach and indoor. So much Volleyball that I would almost call this the Volleyball Olympics of 2012!

    A couple of days ago I watched the synchronized diving of which Malaysia was in third place until the end of the 4th round and in all that time I never saw a Malaysian diver in the competition. My wife, being Malaysian, watched the event intently hoping and waiting for NBC to show at least one of the dives by the Malaysian Team as they went through round 1 through 4, with Malaysia maintaining 3rd place, and never, not once did we see the Malaysian divers. We saw, the US, England, Canada, Mexico, and China but never Malaysia. Does that really seem fair? I really would like to know what other people think about this.

    I know the coverage is also streamed online and can be watched on your computer screen of an internet enabled TV or Blue Ray player that will connect to the internet to view all the other events but I would also like to see many of these other events that other countries are dominate and get a more international perspective of the overall Olympic Games. I mean they do have 204 countries at the 2012 Olympic Games with many other countries and athletes competing on the International Stage. Keyword there is ‘International’.

    The entire coverage has focused solely and squarely on the US Teams and very rarely if ever diversifying the coverage to make it more of an international competition as the Olympics is intended to be. What internationally challenged person is the one within the NBC Team choosing what events and athletes to cover or what VP or President made the ignorant decision to focus only on sports events the USA was either going to win the gold or meddle? The United States is a country of immigrants that have come from other countries around the world and many of those now US Citizens would like to see other countries, including the ones they migrated from, better represented in the International Olympic Games.

    With only five more days left in the 2012 Olympics in London NBC has already started running the greatest moments of the 2012 Olympics, from the content perspective of the USA of course.

    Am I really the only one that see’s this obvious bias in the coverage by NBC? I really would like to hear from the rest of you in iReport on what you think of the NBC Coverage of the 2012 Olympics in London.
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