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    Combat Boots and High Heels


    A Story of a Military Couple as Told Through Photos and Art


    In 2008, my husband was deployed to Afghanistan for roughly one year. It was one of the toughest moments in not only our marriage, but our lives.


    Why should you care?


    As someone who owns a small ad agency and has spent over a decade in the Graphic Design field, I’m familiar with this question, its one of the first that I ask a client. The answer determines my font and color choice, size, weight and texture of the paper. In all the ‘stuff’ we’re bombarded with everyday, I want to create a piece that is different, stands out from the ordinary, touches you, conveys the clients’ message and maybe silences the chatter of your constantly moving mind long enough for you to hear it.


    Being heard is one of our first instincts we have when we enter the world, we cry to communicate our needs. It’s why people rant on blogs. They want to give voice to all the conflicting and sometimes ugly voices that scream so loud that they have to get them out, they have to share them, they must be heard.


    The premise behind Combat Boots & High Heels is the same, the war had such beauty and horror, stripped us to the core of our humanity, rocked our souls like mortar rounds on Afghan soil that dare we not move less we die.


    We’ve survived but many didn’t, it took us a while but we’re slowly unpacking those bags once too heavy to move. They’ve stayed under lock and key in a darkened closet. It’s only now that we can appreciate their splendors, holes and rough patches without putting them on again.


    We will display them, give them to someone else who may find comfort in a war torn jacket, dusty boots & shiny but worn red heels.


    Though these clothes are ours, there are many like them, tucked in closets, not being acknowledged and calling to all of us to explore. “I may be ugly but I was a part of your life, I gave your tender skin shelter and protection from life’s storm. I mattered, I existed and you’re okay.” They whisper.


    Combat Boots & High heels is a parade of all the journeys that we take, paths and crossroads passed, clothes & costumes worn, acknowledgement of the pain we’ve all suffered. It honors the voices that have spoken in our head, both good and bad, it’s a celebration of the shoes that have carried us on life’s journey. It is the voice that has called soldiers home, driven them to liquor bottles and their wives to wine, mind numbing TV and other vices, the silencing of these voices are deadly but sometimes essential to all of us. It’s a chorus to a worldwide tune sang through the ages, take a moment and you may hear yourself.


    Talamieka Brice




    Talamieka Brice and former Army Sgt. Charles Brice, award winning artists and owners of Brice Media in Mississippi, will present "Combat Boots and High Heels," an exhibition of photographs and artwork detailing the couple's account of his 2008 Deployment to Operation Enduring Freedom.

    The exhibition will open Saturday, September 8 at the Mississippi Arts Center located in downtown Jackson, with an opening reception from 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. It will run through September 26. Visitors will see a series of photographs from the front lines, hand drawn illustrations, poetry and graphic designs. This will be the first multimedia show in the state that details both a husband's and wife’s experience with war.

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