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    Posted August 14, 2012 by

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    Not At All Genocide on Bengalis in Rakhine State--Their Lies will Fade away.

    Faraz Ahmed, the writer and blogger, is from Pakistan and he said truth. He said the photos on the social network were very fabricated. We all know that there is a lot of fake news about the Bengali crisis in Burma.

    Unlike the Turkish Foreign Minister or the funny-looking jailed Islamist cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, some educated liberal Muslims do not make insults or threats against Burma. The Turkish Foreign Minister, even before he left Turkey for Burma, said that there was a genocide on Muslims in Burma. Wrong! The cleric inside an Indonesian jail also threw an empty threat in the air and sent a letter to U Thein Sein, President of Burma. Ridiculous! This aging jailed extremist, in his letter to the President of Burma, has threatened to wage war against Burma if it continues to harm Muslim Rohingyas. The Burmese Embassy in Indonesia should have responded to an inmate who vowed to destroy Burma. (((((((:-

    This revered inmate should have been more worried about Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. Americans have waged enough wars in some Islamic countries, whether we may not fully understand the cause of all these invasions, or any post-war explanations that would justify the cause. At any rate, these clerics ought to be more concerned about the powerful western countries which can create particular wars as an ongoing living, perhaps a bit profitable industry.

    Do not believe that they can or will act on their threats. They make up stories and scream a lot---they lie a lot. Leave alone a very vulnerable nation like Burma (the ruling elite of the country excluded), what harm have the illegal Bengalis experienced once they crossed the western border and claimed citizenship rights for the 800, 000 squatters?

    The magnitude of unlawful entry of these Bengalis is a bit out of control. India does not want them—by now what I mean is that a large number of reckless squatters from another country is always a burden to any nation facing several problems on its own. Bangladesh does not want them back. Burma is another struggling neighbor, crippled and broken every way under the 50-year military rule, yet struggling and progressing like a blind infant on its path is NOT at all prepared to take 800,000 squatters from Bangladesh.

    In terms of any relevant law in any country, any person residing in the country without official permission is an illegal immigrant. Why does Burma have to take them all? If we did, it truly would be a big relief to Bangladesh but a major disaster, both politically and economically, to the entire Buddhist land. Over the past few months it was the illegal Bengalis immigrants who started a series of agitation and violence against the Buddhist Rakhines. The entire Burmese public had called for a complete stop of the threatening influx of immigrants from the unguarded western border.

    However, the government turned a blind eye to the request of the Rakhine people, and it seemed that the most corrupt aging Burmese generals had anxiety and tension about not getting enough votes in 2010, and consequently, there was truth that unlawful migration became a lawful one once the authorities in Rakhine State had willingly helped the squatters. As a result of the actions of certain Burmese officials who took bribes from border-crossers, thousands of voter identity cards were issued to these illegal immigrants. Imagine these card-holders do not even speak Burmese or Rakhine dialect. Till now, next to the President, there are a few cunning lobbyists in favor of establishing illegal Bengalis as Burmese citizens, then toward a separate Islamic state gradually in a few years.

    Every time an unwilling host country has been pushed and pushed to take all these squatters, her sensible government will just have to apply its own immigration law---strictly. Those without proper legal papers will be sent back. The documents bought unlawfully will not be relied upon. When it comes to their influx into Burma, they should get lost (perhaps they have been caught already) in their lies and ridiculous baseless arrogance against the Burmese Rakhines.

    At the same time, even those Burmese who consider themselves supra-liberal or lefty-left strong activists must understand that Burma must not be sacrificed at anyone’s liberal whims. The truth behind the door is that such unpleasant communal strife has been blown out of proportion---the facts and figures (about only 80 deaths) were politically enlarged and escalated into a direction that the corrupt media personnel in the west used it beautifully. The corrupt immigration officers in Rakhine State remained silent. The members of the ruling corrupt elite in Nay Pyi Daw have been quite slow responding to the crisis. And the treacherous lobbyists in Nay Pyi Daw who had planned things only that way are still active, and they now even have pretty fancy jobs. Some of them are mere brokers in politics. It is heartless of them to have set up the Bengali Rohingya crisis the way it was, thus taking lives of a few dozens and leaving thousands of the Rakhines homeless. The bribes from Saudi and other Muslim fundamentalist groups have helped these people’s political careers. This must come to an end once and for all.

    Most western-educated Burmese people have considerable amount of liberal sensibilities, but this would not limit them to either saying untruthful things or agreeing with the Turkish Foreign Minister or any media spreading lies from the west. When these insensible visitors came, they should not have come with a fixed agenda as the western media had already manipulated. Whosoever repeats the phrase of “genocide on Bengali Rohingyas by the Burmese authorities and the racist Rakhines,” we all deny that. Even the United State has denied that. There is NO genocide against Bengali Rohingyas in Burma. The government had killed only the students and the monks for their attempt to uproot the corrupt military system. Therefore, in a course of time, this lie of Burmese genocide on Bengalis will be fading away and truth will reign again.

    The government, even though it was accused of opening fire into Bengalis, was even protecting non-Burmese squatters in such a manner that homeless Rakhines complained that in some instances, there was proof that the Burmese Army gave a little bit of TLC to the crying lying Bengalis near the western border. There and then, the poor Rakhines were left speechless.

    As of now, the government has confirmed that it was a matter of illegal immigration, and from it we concluded that like in India which has faced the same problem of Bengali influx, the Burmese liberals and conservatives are all against having these 800,000 squatters in their land. They all have expressed concern on the issue. These Bengalis are posing a danger to Burma’s internal security. We Burmese Buddhists have a way of life, still poverty-stricken in every corner yet unique and full of potential once the system has been radically changed for the better. This must not be taken away at any cost, making the 60 million population panic and insecure.

    It is extremely important that Burma as a nation be against the arrogant tones of Islamic fundamentalists and their lobbyists. Everyone has one nation to protect—we will be against all of their false words, publications and plans against Burma. My only question to all citizens who are unhappy about the whole crisis: how far do you want to go to protect The Rakhine Land? How do we work with and put pressure on the government that it will use its immigration law strictly like the Indian High Court? Do you even know why the western media stations have been lying that much? Do you know why the diplomats and leaders from some Islamic nations, also have been pushing us and lying that far and wide?


    August 12 2012
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