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    Posted August 18, 2012 by
    Roswell, New Mexico
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    A stop in Roswell, New Mexico


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     gbcreel told me, 'It's like you stepped back in time to the '40s. A community that has embraced a unknown phenomenon is really cool to someone like me who has those interest.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    I know I normally report on things related to Ghostbusters or San Diego
    Comic Con but this report kinda of combines both our fascination of the
    unknown with the fun of comic con.

    While on on way back from San Diego Comic Con 2012, Lisa and Myself
    decided to make a stop in a town that we had heard so much about in our
    lives.  Since I was young I have always had a fascination of the
    paranormal and the unknown and one of those places that always came up,
    was Roswell.  A small town in New Mexico that in early July of 1947
    something very odd happened there that to this day no one can truly say
    what did happen there, some claim weather balloon some claim UFO.  Lisa
    and I had discussed going there on our first car adventure to SDCC 2011
    but there wasn't enough time, this time however, we made the time.

    We came into the town of Roswell around 5pm, Our first impressions was
    how clean everything looked and the town is set up like a grid, the
    main strip of the town is a straight line through downtown, which I
    might also add doesn't look to have changed much in the past 50 years.
    A unique charm that was not lost on us.  On the main street we saw the
    UFO museum and research center and the other famous gift shops that
    have embraced the UFO culture/enthusiast.

    We have very nice accommodations at the Hampton Inn for the night, The
    room and the pool and Jacuzzi were well worth the stay.  They gave us
    the name for a nice place for dinner, Cattle Baron Restaurant.  I could
    do a separate IReport only on this Restaurant, this was the best place
    I have ever eaten at while traveling.  Service, food, decor, all
    amazing and the prices nothing that could break the bank in this
    economy.  We actually walked out with food, that would serve later as a
    great late night snack back at the hotel.  Again if you visit Roswell
    this is THE only restaurant to visit.

    The Next morning we checked out and decided to walk around downtown
    Roswell.  Lets start with the shops, all of them were so unique and
    interesting you can spend at least a good hour going though most of
    them.  All the shops have there own theme, and some offering amazing
    photo ops which you can see in the video below or in the pictures here.
    Again everyone at these shops were extremely
    friendly and easy going.

    Next we went to the International UFO museum and Research Center, The
    museum was very cool, a lot of evidence for you to view and make you
    mind up about what did happen in 1947.  Also I might add they had
    amazing set up from the movie "Roswell" in which movie props used were
    donated to the museum.  Very cool to say the least since I did watch
    this movie a lot when I was a kid.  I would now like to talk about the
    Research center of the museum.  HOLY GOD, they have every book,
    magazine, vhs and dvd's, in this area for you to view and look at,
    basically a library with the sole purpose of the UFO phenomenon.  A
    collection for the general public to look at when ever the museum is
    open.  This area was almost as big as the library itself.  The Research
    materials are unparalleled by anything I have ever seen devoted solely
    to purpose of UFO research.  If you have any interest in UFO this is a
    must stop.

    You can spend a good full day in downtown Roswell enjoying the many
    shops and museum, This town also doesn't spend you to death either,
    everything is reasonably priced for any family vacationing.

      I'm so glad we went and took the time to visit this town, a town that
    embraces the unknown events of July 1947.

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