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  • Posted August 19, 2012 by
    Horsham, Pennsylvania

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    Ryan or Biden? Who would you rather and why?

    Well the funny thing about this presidential race is it is now focused on Ryan and Obama. Odd since they are not going for the same job. The reality is the comparison should be between Biden and Ryan. Now we all know Biden has been around a while and that Ryan is fairly new. Can you name 3 things Biden has accomplished as Vice President without Google? I know you can name at least 3 time or more where he put his foot in his mouth. Should that be what we remember? What a legacy. I am not sure I could name 3 things Ryan has done (one – the budget proposal), but I couldn't name one time where he put his foot in his mouth (maybe with Google). If I was picking a guy for my intellect team and those two were on the bench, I know I would pick Ryan. Could anyone say they would pick Biden with a straight face?
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