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    Posted August 21, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Talking to the Press Corps - It's About Time


    The  White House Press Corps and most major news outlets have been grousing  for the last 2 months over the lack of availability provided by  President Barack Obama for questions. Instead since June, the President  has been doing questions and answers with local news stations and  newspapers and fluff pieces with People and Entertainment Tonight.

    I  reported earlier about how the President seemed more inclined to answer  nonsensical questions rather than focusing on issues slapping the  American people in the face in my report: Questions that Matter?

    Monday,  the President made a suprise visit to the White House Briefing Room and  spoke with the WHPC for 22 minutes taking questions from 4 reporters.  On a couple of the comments I agreed.

    The  President was right to condemn Congressman Todd Akin who is running for  the US Senate in Missouri. I did the same yesterday in my report: Akin - A Case in Judgment & Common Sense.

    I  also concur with drawing a line that Syrian President Bashir al Assad  should not cross in using chemical weapons on his own people. However, I  am not in favor of the US putting troops on the ground in yet another  conflict.

    That  said, I do have some real problems with the President in other remarks  he made yesterday.The President saying that it was not out of bounds and  his team had not accused challenger Republican Mitt Romney of a felony  or that the questionable ad from Priorities USA did not infer Romney was  indirectly the cause of woman's death from cancer were hollow.

    It   has been learned the President's own campaign still has a slideshow on  its website which makes the tie of Romney to the woman's death. And  Stephanie Cutter, a top aide, did indeed accuse or imply Romney was  guilty of a felony contrary to the President's assertion that no one on  his staff made such a suggestion.

    We know candidates run free  with facts, but at least have the dignity to wrap the lies in some shred  of truth that looks and sounds believable.

    Today it has been learned the White House is telling local stations what the President expects to  talk about in order for local reporters to get an interview. The WHPC  and national news outlet would not be so agreeable.

    Though  not limiting the questions, the reporters have 10 minutes for an  interview and know access is contigent on agreeing to discuss what the  President wants to talk about rather than facing hard questions from the  locals. This does put a harness on local news reporters hoping for an  honest Q&A.

    From  the Cornfield, less fluff and diversions and more details and specifics  on the economy, jobs, the national debt and overhauling the entitlement  programs and the tax code, please. Let the press be free and unbound.

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