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  • Posted August 22, 2012 by
    Horsham, Pennsylvania

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    Obama's Economy

    Ok, now we had all the pervert, gaffe and dumb taxes issues for a while now so let's get back to the important things. Obama promised that if he was elected he would solve the economic problems that were getting worse. He said if he didn't then the country should elect someone else. After 3 years we now see that he has no intension of leaving.

    So how bad is it now? Well, after sending 7 trillion we are basically stagnant. In fact the numbers are rising again. Will he blame the new highs on someone else? The steady 8.5% unemployment rate is 100% more that than average rate over the last few decades. Each week someone loses their benefits and new people sign on. The ones that lose can only be tracked if they enter into a welfare system. Otherwise, the government writes them away as non-existent. They lose their homes and then the foreclosure rate grows again. With more than 21% of Washington DC on food stamps we have to wonder why so many people are not forced to do something for the money. It is easier to collect the freebies and maybe work under the table on the side. Or maybe be in a union and get laid off every winter season and then start up again in the summer. All this crap is not generating any positive flow of money into our system. How much is that gas costing you every day? Too bad he is too busy campaigning to worry about your money.

    When you work for 3 years at something and you have abysmal results then you have to seriously wonder if the approach will ever be successful. Any logical thinker can see after a tiny analysis that this administration is terrible at business. If something fails they have a list of excuses. How’s that work in your job?
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