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    Posted August 22, 2012 by
    Houston, Texas
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    Surviving sexual assault: Your testimonies

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    The Family of Sexual Assault, Anthrax, Street Drugs, and 9/11


      I was a previous member to a family living in the New York State Region during, and after 9/11 "The World Trade Center Bombing". Now, a DNA test has proven one child of a family of three children is not my biological son, and separated completely, where the idea of abortion was used within the household.
      During the relationship the terrorist events such as the Anthrax scare on the United States Post Office was in effect. At that time, I had a friend from the streets affiliated with their local "Blood Gang" name a dog we have Anthrax during a television show about the scare on the post office.
      A couple years later the oldest daughter of the family started seeing a doctor for problems with her vaginal area, and the idea that it was not developed normally as a young girl no older than 11 years old, estimated.
      The mother of our family also started to complain of cancer symptoms diagnosed by a doctor/physician.
      I am previously a victim to the 9/11 tragedy "The World Trade Center Bombing", and now founder of "The Extra Sheet Street Newspaper Organization (Rochester, NY); planning to serve New York State in recovery of 9/11, and previous role model/male adult in the family described above.
      With several attempts to leave the family, and several arguments that remained unclear, and full of concern as a male partner in the family of three, leaving the family was never possible.
      Placed in jail for several domestic disputes that lead to a violation of an "Order of Protection" that lead to 90 Days in county jail for the attempt of returning to the household for safety concerns.
      Could the politics of 9/11 disrupt the family household in the New York State Region during and after that period or could excuses be used to cover the real ideal of fear? What the family does not know about the Streets, American Politics, International Politics, and the Power Struggle ! How has sexual assault placed a fear & burden on our society honestly as well as international society with conflict? Now, the new image of Micro Electronic Engineering, and the Power Struggle.

       "Legitimate Rape" is a very sensitive subject, especially for the concern of the rights/power of women. Now, women use these rights to their advantage as previously discussed by a Marine Recruiter in the state of Texas, city of Houston. The U.S. Marine stated: Becareful with white women, they will set you up! - speaking to a youg caucasion woman as we were being driven to a recruitment center. No Woman should have her pride stolen in any case of "Legitimate Rape" with the same respect to man - Woman & the soul of a Woman is all we have as man. The politics shape the future of our stability & worth here in America, but the changes have stolen a voice from more than a few - Honestly.

        I have suffered sexual assault from what a male would believe could not happen from a woman, and I have also been sexually assaulted by a man.

      The woman used narcotics/alcohol, and the male tried to use the force of fear.  Either situation placed me at a new level of psychiatry especially since the male situation happened before I was even able to meet the young woman.

    What should we all fear in the cases of sexual assault/dishonesty, especially as people of a colorful politic?

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