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    Posted August 24, 2012 by

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    Israel - Iran war next?

    A few days ago the international media reported the Prime Minister's statements agree Nethanyau and Israeli Defense Minister Barak about a military strike against Iran 's considered "no longer waived." We are so close to such a serious event? Let's just some situations that can accelerate concurrent or block a hypothetical countdown that actually seems to have long gone.

    Syrian civil war: it is a conflict in the country that sees opposing loyalist forces of Bashar al-Assad and those of insurgents, gathered in the Syrian National Council and that fits into the broader context of the Arab Spring. The forces opposing Forces see ASSAD (the Armed Forces and Militia Syrian pro-Assad with the indirect support of Russia and Iran) arrayed against the Syrian National Council (Free Syrian Army with the indirect support of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar). The possible fall of Assad may allow the use of an air corridor on the border turkish / Syrian forces in order to allow air strike against Iran and minimizing the risk of retaliation.
    But in fact, this war Syrian hours shows no signs of rapid conclusion, then Iran is currently still able to control the Syrian territory.

    The presidential elections in the United States:
    Everyone knows that the tutor maximus of Israel is the United States, but for now President Obama does not seem willing to support the initiative possible war. Approach, however, the election and Obama is very interested in the votes of their fellow citizens of Jewish religion.
    The possible oil blockade:
    The Iranians are threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz which passes 30% of world oil. And 'considered a real threat? Meanwhile, prices are rising insurance, gas and oil from there through.

    The recent large increase in fuel prices in Europe
    Only due to insurance reasons mentioned above or is increasing the demand for oil to increase the reserves of the companies they really think the imminent conflict?

    The Iranian nuclear issue is crucial? The current defenders of Iran, China and Russia, are interested to engage and weaken the Americans for as long as possible in the Middle East, but in fact they do not want an Iran with nuclear weapons.

    These are the main variables in the field; per hour each of these is oriented differently from the other. When all of them will be oriented in the same direction as it can lead to a conflict or a new balance in the area with a good chance to influence the political climate and economic world.
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