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    Posted August 23, 2012 by
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    Turbulence, violence in the Middle East

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    First serious protest act against Morsi


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     HasanAmin86 says the crowd was really tense as people took a stand on freedom of speech and expression.
    - Anika3, CNN iReport producer

    Stand for freedom of expression !
    It started with shutting down El Fara’een (The Pharaohs) channel (9th of August), after what the owner and main program presenter Tawfeek Okasha said ON-Air, he literally threatened to kill the new president of Egypt “ Mohamed Morsi” .this decision ended a very filthy and mean series of a year and half of cheap and mind washing media, faking truths, malforming the image of all the people who participated in the Egyptian revolution, amplifying fears of the simple people, spreading rumors, disrespect and humiliate every single revolution symbol, especially martyrs, prisoners and who lost their eyes during the revolution.
    Tawfeek is very anti-revolutionist as in text book, a superficial version of Hitler’s Joseph Gobbles who said: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Also said : “Intellectual activity is a danger to the building of character” and : “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” and his immortal : “Give me resources and I can prove that Devil is God.

    Tawfeek represents a reference for those who wants to hear anything Sabotaging the protesters reputation, the SCAF (Supreme Council of Armed Forces) hired a private bodyguards to protect him, he’s the ONLY one,in media industry, who got this kind of suspicious protection, the generals in the army made the soldiers watch his program by force, his channel (The Pharaohs) was the only allowed formal media source inside the army units (of course beside the national TV) not any other fair or fact telling TV shows nor other private channels.
    When NileSat (Egyptian Satellite company) management stopped the broadcasting of El Fara’een (The Pharaohs) channel for unknown time, it was like a relief for the people who made the revolution, as they has been always insulted in his program, and so many lies he,Okasha, told about them, he used to incites hatred against all related to revolution.
    He dedicated his channel to support the anti-revolutionists, like the presidential candidates General Omar Soliman and Marshall Ahmed Shafiq,
    but when this cleansing act continued, by withdrawal of El Dostor newspaper (Owned by anti-revolutionist businessman El-Sayed El-Badawy), and stopping its release, and other newspapers’ editors-in-chief held in custody , this came along with altering the heads of ALL the national newspapers, with new folks who are known with their extreme loyalty to the authority (whatever what that authority is) blocking some opposite column- writers who are famous for their well-known stand against Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi’s policy.
    Here comes the invitation for a stand against the suppressions of freedoms the new regime is practicing on his opponents.
    "No for restricting the creativity", "No for shutting-up/neutralizing the opponents", "No for imprisoning the journalists" ..etc.
    the invitation (posts and events on facebook plus tweets on twitter) originally provoked by punch of intellectuals (from different backgrounds, liberals, moderates, leftists ..etc)

    who used to fight for the mere ideas not for the persons, as the persons involved this time aren’t really the most desirable nor popular in the political and cultural scene.
    El Dostor Party members (commonly known by Mohamed El Baradie his main founder) participated in the stand, (El Dostor the party isn’t related to El Dostor newspaper)
    The stand took place meters from Tahrir Sq., just the day before another invitation made by the very same person: Tawfeek Okasha and ex-parliaments Mohamed Abu Hamed and Moustafa Bakry, who invite people for a new revolution against Morsi (the first elected president of Egypt) and burn the Muslim Brotherhood offices!


    Unfortunately, this stand was so (intellectual) with the minimum feedback from the street.
    The downtown wanders was upset and disagree with the stand, one of them, works as an electrician, told me : “they (he means the stand organizers) think that they understand better than us, the locals, the Streetman paused and added with power: “but no, they DO NOT
    the Streetman sees that “To hell” anyone insults the president. That a long awaited president. who smoothly ended the SCAF military dark era, Morsi gained a LOT of street support after he made the head of SCAF (Marshal Hussein Tantawy) and his right arm (Marshal Sami Anan) retire, and replace them with younger and fresh names, new faces, new blood.
    He proved that he’s the president and has no superiors commanding him.
    the Streetman sees the stand organizers : the conceited elite, the luring intellectuals, the untouchables crème de la crème, sassy downtown narcissists boys and girls, this sight of contempt is killing me.
    It felt sad, above that very same sidewalk, you can find the extremists who share the same citizenship, who misunderstand each other’s thoughts,who disdain each other’s behavior,who hate each other’s guts.
    Too close in place so far in everything left.

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