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    Posted August 25, 2012 by
    San Diego, California
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    As a declined party independent voter, I built my business, I paid my taxes the laws required, government officials stop abusive their power, reach inside my pocket for my money!

    The fact is each and all business owners built our businesses began from our heads, with our ideas and monies with the Almighty Creator blessing! Government did not and will never built or help us built our businesses!

    Government began with nothing and will always have nothing to help business owners! All money government officials have access to and wasted them came from to American taxpayers. These taxpayers are business owners (employers) and employees!

    American business owners and hardworking people were the one who built this country, the United States of America! Elected officials, included US congress and all presidents must stop increase taxes on businesses, business owners of middle class and one or ten percent rich! The U.S. Congress members must leave business owners alone for us to continue built the country we love.

    America is a country full of opportunity, excepted small children and disable, all people have hands, head, and feet must work for earn living for themselves and their families. Who work hard and/or work smart surely will be rich. Who don’t work hard will earn little. Spend within your mean!

    Don’t people be shame for put out your hands, demand who worked hard/smart for their rich to pay more taxes, so you can do nothing and get the rich people hard earning money?

    Elected officials, U.S. Congress, presidents must stop abused your positions authorities and rob the riches’ money, by increase taxes for you wasted somebody else money, that not your money negligently! Government leaders and officials must discipline themselves when come to taxpayer’s money; spend in your mean like responsible people! Government leaders must end create debt and make taxpayers pay for their illegally actions!

    Forces riches pay high taxes, and give out to those do nothing for earn this money, and wasted taxpayers moneys are serious crimes before God the Almighty Eternal Creator.

    Social Security and Medicare benefits are two legal entitlement programs, taxpayers paid in it while we were working, where government officials managing paid for managing them for us. There two programs are insurance benefits, working people paid into the programs, at the time we retired from our works, government officials who managing them must pay benefit to retirees!

    Beside disable, elderly and small children, people must responsible for buy their healthcare insurance! Once they did not buy their healthcare insurance, and they got six, they must pay from their pockets. It is for all people, if you take risk, you don’t buy healthcare insurance policy, you get sick you pay with what you owned, your cash, your saving, your retirement funds, or your properties! Everyone must fully responsible and liable for your life!

    Messiah Jesus’ teaching of help each other in needed meant, it is “FREE WILL” from each and all people, rich and poor for gain good deeds. These good deeds must always work through honesty non-profit organizations, NOT through government in the form of taxes!

    At the end of the day, as long as federal and state congress continually wasted taxpayers dollars, and pass laws for increase taxes, unemployment continue high rate, states and country debt record high, lead to bankruptcy, and bad economic where elected officials lie to people, fight against each other, rally voters to vote for them, for them force Americans deeper on destructive directions, without able to get out, for them control voters/American people.



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