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    Posted August 25, 2012 by
    Danvers, Massachusetts

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    Avalon Danvers Ignoring Health Issues and now Trying to Evict Disabled Family


    Well, I loved where I live until recently. I have a beautiful view of Boston, which is just 12 miles away. For the past 7 weeks I have been ill and no one knew why. On August 4, 2012 something strange was going on in my apartment, I was seeing BLACK speckles on my rug.
    From August 4, 2012 until August 14th I have had strange infestations of small flies to large ones coming out of my HVAC vents. I reported it to my maintenance department and asked for them to come to apartment to see the 25 large flies that I was killing. They never did come so I took pictures to document it. But they send me an email stating that my service request was completed. No one ever entered my home because I have been to sick to leave. The one day I did leave to go to the doctors I received a call from ADT stating someone has unlawfully entered my home. When I got there it was the exterminator who stated that results showed lint and was not exterminating but she would spray my windows for the flies, maintenance man put a towel in my HVAC unit because he stated that the buildings were not constructed properly. I have told management that I was with holding rent and putting it into an escrow account until the services I requested were complete. Everything remains quite from the leasing department to the maintenance men. I send a fax to office stating that I was giving them until August 17th 2012 at 4 p.m to come to my unit and complete my service requests or I was calling the Board of Health.
    On the 16th I receive a 14-day notice to quit, I am appalled I gave notice by email on the 6th and by fax on the 16th I sent pictures of the flies to manager along with some other photos that I thought were unusual for this apartment. Black ceiling in my main bathroom, yellow on ceiling fan with excessive amounts of dust and dead flies stuck to it. I also mentioned that recently there has been an excessive amount of birds on the gutters outside my windows and bird droppings on the windows and my deck. Every nail under the sheetrock in my daughters bedroom is black as well. Then I start thinking maybe those black maggots I am finding are from the birds and i do keep my windows open on nice days. Management called me on the 21st of August to come to my unit I told her I needed until 11 am because I just had the upper GI done the day prior. Ms. Erin manager of maintenance said sure no problem. I left my apartment with my daughter.


    I returned home about 1:30 p.m to find a service complete letter on my table. See photos. The black ceiling has been dismissed as the following. Air freshener smeared on ceiling near door should remove (I installed July of 2011 and has not been working since August 2011) There were no birds in the gutters and so one. The birds are there all night and go in the morning, they are not their at 12 noon. I wrote to Ms. Erin and told her thank you for sending the men over for service requests but items were not complete. She wrote back and said I was at your unit today to speak to you and I don't see what you are talking about. Why would she come to my unit if I was told the men were coming and I stated I was leaving by 11 a.m? I reply with I have no other option but to call the Board of Health and file a complaint with Housing Court. My daughter fell and needed an ex-ray I left at 8:30 p.m and returned at 11 p.m to find a letter taped to my door. Enclosed was a letter that when the crew was at my unit they reported I had 2 cats. They are Therapeutic Persian cats for my 12-year-old disabled daughter that the crew knew I had for over a year. I emailed the leasing office because the letter said there is a $150.00 increase a month for 2 pets, and a $1250 deposit needed for pets. They even took photos of the cats. I was sent photos but the leasing office forgot not to attach original email. Ms. Erin did it not the Maintenance Crew, it states it from email sent from her IPhone, saying BBC this email.
    Retaliation I smell here. That evening I start to look up the laws regarding tenants rights, and print every email, fax, service requests and there completed emails, I took pictures of towel stuck in the HVAC return, And there it was right there MOLD, BUGS,DUST,WATER,SLIME right here in my unit. (See pictures). Last evening I start to see those maggots coming up from the rug, So I tape them because The Board of Heath was coming today and I needed to show him. I find fungus growing on my furniture, and yellow/orange slime in all the vents that feed each room air. The service letter stated they removed vents and dusted, I don't think so. I had an attack couldn't breath arms and legs tingling, I drove to main building and was greeted by the security guard who I told I need maintenance right away, he said he was not authorized to call them. WHAT? 911 were called and I was taken out by ambulance. A wonderful police officer took my children home and saw my issue and stated to my 17 year old she was writing a letter to the town of Danvers.ER doctor suggested I not return to my unit and gave me homeless shelters to go to.
    Today Board of Health came upon his visual assessment he stated i have MOLD,MITES, MOISTURE. I know thank you for confirming. I am highly allergic to Mold and mites. So now I say AVALON in DANVERS do you see what I see?
    Please see story from last year, what is the Avalon in Danvers trying to hide?



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