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    Posted August 27, 2012 by
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Surviving sexual assault: Your testimonies

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    Just a little kid


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     iReporter MartiLuna was shocked by recent comments in the media about rape, not least from countries which call themselves "developed". "I am ashamed of being part of that developed part of the world, where we talk about social development, human rights, equal opportunities... and then we have just empty principles," she said. " I hope to be one of the voices that can be raised against machismo, against false principles." Our iReporter says she was lucky to have the support of family and friends after what happened to her when she was a child. "I am surrounded by real men - my dad, my partner and friends, who are 'real' men since they understand the suffering, and continuously support me, and stand on the woman's side," she said.
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    I am the lucky one who was "only" lightly abused.

    But... what does this mean?
    As a kid, and when I say kid, I mean a 4-year-old girl, when you are abused, even if not in the full meaning of the word, something remains into you.
    And I am not (obvioulsy) talking about getting pregnant, or aborting... of course not. But I am talking of that psycological rage, occasional weakness and tearful shivers, for something you did not understand at all, but that remains into you. For good.

    I, again, consider myself as a lucky one.

    I really want to thank the CNN iReports team for this opportunity to share our sufferance and our strenght.
    Before publishing this report I needed to recollect all my courage and, although I am not willing to desribe what happened to me, it means a lot to post it for the public reading. But I'm doing so because my great wish is to be able to be a small drop in the rebellion ocean we're building up.

    My desire is that every form of sexual violence, from the smallest abuse to the violent rape is cast away from our world. We must get together and fight. Akin's words are a case among millions of not explicitly expressed all over the Earth. At least we are here, to express our rage and disgust. There are places where violence is perpetrated every single day, and there is no space to redeem.

    There must be no distinction in sex, age, race and religion. Every kind of abuse is to be repelled. Kids have to be able to play and to grow up happy adults. Girls have the right to stroll around without being afraid of people around them. Heterosexual and homosexual males and females are to be free to express, and not fear sexual assaults. No one, I reiterate, no one should suffer the great sufferance of a sexual abuse.
    And we do not have to stay silent in front of scarcity of understanding deriving from all kind of insensitive sentences.


    Last but not least, no one of us should feel ashamed or guilty. It is not our fault.

    Please, let's start rising our voices. All together.

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