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    Turbulence, violence in the Middle East

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    The victims of the hate between different religions in the world.

    The victims of the hate between different religions in the world.
    They are part of the 99%, too.
    I will write today about the victims of the religions in the world. Some of them are killed and some of them are not killed but ignored and hated. You know even the Buddhism, who is generally very peaceful started to kill the poor Moslems in their countries. In Europe also the Serbs have killed Moslems. But what the Moslems do, they kill also each other. The Sunni and Shia hate each other and if they can, they will kill each other. Not all of them, the most fundamentalists. With other words, the ignorant is destroying the world and people in the name of God. But why the people in different religions hate each other and are also willing to kill or persecute the members of other religions?

    Bahram could not marry a girl, because he was born in a family of two religions. Bahai and Moslem. The members both religions did not like to have serious contacts with him, only they wanted to have benefits and advantages from him. He had this problem from childhood, the Moslems and Bahai children both tease him. Now he could not marry a normal girl. He should marry a girl, who is lower than him. He did it, but still he had a lot of problems with the family. As he did not have Bahai knowledge, because his father did not let him to go to the Sunday or Friday Bahai classes and his father also instructed his mother not to say to him anything about Bahai religion. In the other side, the father took him to his sister who was a knowledge Moslem and she thought him Moslem prayers in Arabic and train him as a Moslem. In the time that they had Bahai visitors, his father forced him to pray loud Arabic Islamic prayers and the Bahais children had fun about it. And they teased him as a Moslem child. You, Arab child how can you say all these Arabic sentences by heart, do you understand them?

    Now he was married and his wife, who was a Bahai girl, knew that he does not know the Bahai prayers, but the Islamic ones. The parent of the girls now started to tease him again. After the glorious Islamic revolution in Iran, his friends who he had helped reported him as a Bahai. They hoped he will be killed and they can keep their loan from him. But he was not killed and lost his jobs, with other words; it was even worst than be killed. If you are killed, nobody want from you anything any more and they let you in peace, but now every day his wife was worried about the income of him. He did everything he could to have good income. But as a professor at the university, he could not earn the same money outside and he was sent out of university.

    He trusted his Bahai family in the USA and tries to send some money to them for his rainy days. He wanted to send also later his children to the USA for study. His family in America thought he will be killed as a Bahai in Iran and cannot come here. Or he cannot get visa for the USA. So in the time they came here, the family did not want to give all his money back. They said they will give just part of it.
    Now his children were angry with him, why he trusted his family and as he could not have the same position and salary in the USA like in Iran, they also tried to tease him and disrespect him. Now his father in law said that all of these were your fault. Because you were not clever and his son also acted after his ground father and disrespect his own father, who brought him to the USA and let him study at the university.

    Every day his son and his wife blamed on him and told him if he did not trust his family, they would have enough money to have a comfortable life. His wife got also a job and wanted to divorce him and his son was also in her side. He was joules even about his own father and did not like, he be friendly with his own wife. The son wanted the whole family and his mother for himself. And may be the ground father encouraged him to do that. They destroy the respect of Bahram completely and they said, he is a simple man that everybody can cheat him. After his wife divorced him, they started to say bad words about him and so that nobody should have contact him. He tried to get help from the National Spiritual Assembly, but they ignored him also. He was hated by Moslem and has been sent out of work and he was hated by Bahais and they ignored him and tired to isolate him. Is it the Love that Bahaullah said to his flowers to act? His wife and children cut all connection and after they took all or most of his wealth and they thought he does not have anything anymore, cut their relationship with him, the wife did not let the children to visit their father and trained them and brain washed them against him and the Bahais were also indifferent and cut their contacts with him. That was the Love of Bahai. Bahram was hated by Moslems and they robbed him and sent him out of work, and his Bahai family did the same thing. He wrote even letter to the House of Just, but no serious action had been taken.

    His cousins and his wife were very nice to him and he trusted them and gives the power of attorney to them. They took also the rest of his wealth and ignored him. They showed also the Love of Bahais to him.
    There are a lot of nice Bahai who really believe in Love and the unity of mankind, only Bahram did not have the luck to have them in his way. Bahaullah said, you should have only love in your heart and you should love all human being regardless to their religions, nationality or race. Sorrowfully all Bahais do not practice these nice words of their prophet. In the hope that one day the hate between Bahais and Moslems will disappear completely and they live with each other in peace and harmony with the Love that Bahaullah said to them. If the people tease you, love them and if they give you bad action, give them good action, but where is the earn that can hear these and eyes that can see these sentences. Sorrowfully in the West also the 99% of people do not live nicely and they do not have a lot of possibilities. Bahram was in his country from the Middle Class, but here he belongs to the poor or bottom. As his knowledge and his experience from other country is not so valuable here. With all his degrees and knowledge and experience, as he does not the system here, he is in a trap. The banks give him a lot of money and the people stole his business and they thought he is rich and they robbed him, including the insurance companies, as he trusted them. They took a lot of money from him and after he needed them, they refused to pay. Even the government knowing or unknowing bring him in a disaster. They give permission and occupational license of a business and after he put all his money and effort and time in that business, they canceled him and destroyed his life in the land of opportunities.

    He need good attorney to help him, but they want a lot of money in advance that he cannot pay. The people robbed him, insurance companies robbed him and the county made mistake and he lost a lot of money. But it is OK for them, he is responsible to pay? Or he cannot work, if he cannot work and they damaged his credit to work, how can he pay? That is the problem of the 99% . a man like him in the upper situation had millions of dollars and he is robbed by the rest of 99% and they destroyed his life and nobody care. The love had died. Now may be you can understand why so many people kill themselves or suicide? You know that two children of five children of the king of Iran also killed themselves. More than 20 students of mine have suicide also. Why, because the system in the world is indifferent or cruel and they guide the people to be also cruel or indifferent. If you are not, you will be punished, like Bahram was. Because the 99% do not have enough income, some of they try to cheat the other 99% to have a better life. Like the friends of Bahram, Bahais or Moslems or the people here Christian or …all problems is referred to unjust of the society. The rich or super rich people robe and the 99% instead to be united, they steal also each other.
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