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    Obama's Odd Strategy

    President Obama is in Boulder Colorado today. Why? Boulder is the liberal cesspool of Colorado. It always has been. Home to the University of Colorado, Boulder is nothing but a college city. CU is so liberal that it is comparable to most of the Ivy League schools and UC Berkley. It has less than 100,000 people a great many of them are college students living there, or having just stayed there after graduating. When driving through Boulder you can literally see a bunch of hippies sitting in their lawn underneath a tree smoking pot.

    In my younger days I was much much more liberal than I am now. But even back then I did not like Boulder. Boulder is the type of place that makes other liberals feel uncomfortable. There is a popular bumper sticker in nearby Longmont Colorado that says "Don't Boulderize Longmont." There is also a saying in Colorado. I heard it from native Coloradans after the first time I went to Boulder when I came back telling them how weird I thought that city was and going "WTF?!?" The saying goes like this: "Boulder is nestled between the mountains and reality."

    Anyhow, back to my original question. What is President Obama doing there? I promise you, Obama owns Boulder Colorado. He does not even have to campaign there. Romney could spend every moment of every day in Boulder and he would not win Boulder.

    But, then again, I am watching the campaign rally in Boulder right now. Compared to 2008 it is very pathetic. I can say this because in 2008 I lived in Colorado. I know first hand what those rallies were like in 2008. They were huge. The people were loud and enthusiastic. Compared to 2008 they are very subdued. Even for college students who are easily suckered. It seems that this class has second thoughts.

    So maybe he does need to be there. He needs to convince them that even though they are less enthusiasic about him and knows that they would never vote for Romney, he still needs them to vote for him to up his total vote count in Colorado.

    But shouldn't Obama have his ass in Louisiana assessing the situation there in the aftermath of Hurricane Issac? Apparently he has not learned the lessons that Bush did after his muck up of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Bush was crushed by the criticsim he took from the debacle of showing up four days after. How many days after will it be for Obama?

    Where is the leadership? Off campaigning like he has been since 20 January 2009.
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