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    Posted September 5, 2012 by
    Apt 131, Alabama
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    Economy: Are you better off?



    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     wakenup says President Obama will be getting his vote and feels we are better off because the economy has been improving. "All the road blocks we have encountered are stepping stones that will build a stronger America for generations to come," he says. "Obama has a new vision that gives our country an opportunity to make change for the masses not for a few. We have a leader that is honest about where we are and where we are going, a plan to move forward and not back."
    - Anika3, CNN iReport producer

    I grew up on a farm, in Wilcox county, Camden Alabama, (1955-1973). The poorest county in the southeastern United States. I am of mixed ethinics, like the President. I drank from colored only water fountains, used colored only bathrooms. Since this President was elected I was fired, became homeless, ( I am a Air Force Veteran), returned to school. Re-Educated myself and are currently educating others, earning 40k+ annually. I am better off an There are manylike me in America today. That hope was actualized because of where I have come from, poverty. The will to overcome. The inspiration of the American People United, all races, as they were in the Civil Rights era. I know people personally who have died, lost love ones, trying to exercise their right vote. My Father lost us, his family for trying to vote in 1951-1954. The night the First Family took the stage, it was an event that I had discussed many times saying, "not in our life time," would we ever see a Black President.
    We must step up our will and determination to overcome the chains we have on our minds. Know that we have the power to activate change. Now the reality is that we must unite as citizens, the majority, and not allow the 1% to control jobs and wages. The Republicans want to"take back our Country." They are telling us clearly that the Voodoo Economics of the George Bush's (2) will rule the land again and working Americans, the masses will suffer again. We must out vote the 1%er's, then we must get the present congress ousted. The hope began in 2008. That hope brought about a decision that elevated myself and others. WE ARE BETTER OFF! WE RISE, SO THAT OTHERS WILL FOLLOW. I/WE on the shoulders of my ancestors. The true challenge has become crucial. WE SHALL OVERCOME! HOTEP! (Peace and Blessings) WAKenup
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