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    Posted September 6, 2012 by
    Conneaut, Ohio
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    Why people should vote for Romney Ryan

    Reasons I am voting Romney/Ryan

    1. Obama has spent our tax money like it was his own.

    2. He said he would cut the deficit in 1/2 by the end of his term as President
    and all he did was grew our debt and spent our money like it grows on trees.

    3. He is too fast to start new agencies and then another agency to keep an eye on the
    other agency. Our tax dollars are going to be paying all these people's retirements.

    4. Congress won't work with Obama because they don't like him because he is
    arrogant and a know it all.

    5. He fights dirty to win reelection.

    6. He is slowly putting government in control of everything.

    7. He wants to keep us dependent on foreign oil, he didn't go for the Canadian
    pipeline, and he won't tap our own oil resources ....(Why I ask you).

    8. He don't seem to get along with foreign leaders in this time when we need a
    President that can, and we need a President that keeps our country proud
    and not go around apologizing.

    9. We need a President who won't block records to Congress when they are
    trying to find who is guilty when something happens in Washington, such
    as the Fast And Furious case against Eric Holder, this endangered our troops,
    and it endangers our country.

    10. We need a President who will listen to the people and when the majority of
    the US public says they don't want something, the President should not do it.

    11. I don't like the way he tried to take credit for what our military does. They do
    all the dangerous legwork, then the President has the nerve to stand in front
    of us and say he got Bin Laden. Just like he thinks the government is the
    reason people succeed.

    12. He spends too much time golfing, and vacationing while our country in in a time
    of crisis. And he was more worried about running around campaigning than he
    was worried about what is going on in our country.

    13. I am tired of seeing his happy smiling face flying around the country enjoying
    himself while we all wait for him to do something.

    14. He tries to divide everyone in one way or the other, we all need to unite and be
    responsible at this important time, while Obama is more worried about getting
    White House beer out on the market.

    15. We need a President who keeps with American and Christian beliefs. Our country
    has become corrupt enough, and flushed our old beliefs and values right down the
    toilet. We don't need a President who pushes for change in Americans, we
    need a President who will make changes to our government not make changes in
    our lives.

    16. We need transparency we need a President who will tell us everything and not just
    what he thinks we want to hear. We also need to find a way where every
    American can vote literally on every issue that goes through the White House.
    Our government has not given us one single reason to trust them.

    17. I'm not saying that Romney/Ryan will do all or any these things. But I do know
    what Obama has to offer, failed promises, debt, division, and vacations.

    Obama is a liar, and I don't believe he really cares about this country, I think he just likes the attention and the title he holds.
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