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    Alien Abduction Experience in India

    When I was a teenager, I knew little about aliens and never believed that aliens are real. But certain events in my life have changed the views of what I thought about life is. We all see dreams, but when dreams come into reality it becomes difficult to understand the nature of reality.

    In the year 1992 (approx.) I experienced something thing strange, that changed me from the inner level. I was a school student at that time, may be in 6th or 7th grade. As usual I went to sleep in the night. I saw a very bright light, it seemed like a dream. I felt I have been sucked up by the light. Then I saw I am standing on an open ground close to my building, and some object was coming from the sky. It looked very scary, I thought I will die. I don’t know what they did, in dream I felt I am dead and I am floating out of the body like a balloon and moving upwards. Then I saw I am walking with 4-5 tall beautiful blonde people in a craft, I can’t remember they were either male or female. They were in some kind of uniform, and they look benevolent and empathetic. I wasn’t really scared but feeling comfortable with them. As I was walking with them, the doors opened automatically and they were taking me to their Boss. I knew where they were taking me in my mind, although I don’t remember having any conversation with them. They took me to their Boss room, and he looked scary and arrogant. The tall beings then left me alone to have a conversation with the boss. He looked like a mixture of animal and human, his face looked green in colour. The green reptilian being had some mission to do with humans; something good for human kind. I can’t remember what he said me about the mission.

    After I agreed, they asked me to undergo some medical procedures as it is required to become a part of their mission. I was told to go with the small beings, looked something similar to the gray aliens. I was told they are experts in carrying out surgeries; they didn’t look like typical nurse so I was bit sceptical in my mind regarding their skills. They were 4-5 grey alien like beings, and they took me to another room. I was told to lie on a flat bench. They examined me, then they moved me on another bench, then with a long needle like object they inserted something in my shoulder and it was painful. I was scared at that time, as I thought it will make a big scar on my shoulder. But it was healed in seconds. What came into my mind was that I have got ‘tagged’ and was pretty happy about it. I remember moving around in the spaceship, it was huge, beautiful; other beings were also there in the spaceships. It was very beautiful and looked very technologically advanced, there were different sections for different activities.

    After touring the ship, I remember being sent back with the help of tall beings, the ones who brought me in. I saw clouds, then the bright line again and finally I was back in my bed. I got up scared in the morning, and was pretty confused was that a dream or reality. I couldn’t believe when I looked outside my window, I thought it can’t be possible no space ship can come in here; there is not just enough space as my building was surrounded by other buildings. I looked up in the mirror; there was a scar on my collar bone. It was at the same place, where the grey aliens in my dream implanted it. I was scared and confused. After thinking about it for couple of hours I couldn’t find answers to this, also I had very little knowledge about aliens at that time. I thought if I tell this to anyone, I will be ridiculed and no one would believe me. I started believing that it was just a bad dream and has no connection to the reality. Sometimes I used to get flashbacks of how and who inserted that in, but I always thought to forget about that.

    I wouldn’t have ever believed in alien abduction if it didn’t happen to me. It is just very difficult to accept it. I did my own research first; I compared my scar pictures with other available alien scar picture. I decided to contact alien research organisation Mufon and posted my case on their website. http://www.ufostalker.com/ufostalker/Alien+Encounter+in+Dombivli+Maharashtra+India+on+April+13th+1994/35147. But I didn’t get any reply from any of the investigator regarding my case.
    In May 2012, when I went back to India, I contacted reputed paranormal investigators regarding my case. They suggested me to undergo x-ray of my shoulder. When I got x-ray report, as the implant was visible in the x-ray. Moreover, I got the same kind of smaller scars near my right back and under my arms. Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete my investigation as I had to come back to Australia for continuing my studies.
    I want to know and understand more about this phenomenon and want to know the real truth. I don’t think I was physically taken into ship, as someone in my house would probably have noticed me missing. And if I think I wasn’t physically there, then how I got that scar? What is the implant like: its chemical composition and purpose? I got many questions and confusions in my mind which I need to get sorted out. I have attached the scar pictures and x-ray. Thanks
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