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    Posted September 9, 2012 by
    London, Ontario
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    Hanging onto a busted-up phone?

    My phone is BEYOND busted


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     tbalmer12, a university student in Ontario, Canada, had his iPhone 4S for less than two months when it got smashed. Over time, he's used his memorization skills and the tiny section of screen that remains visible to continue using the phone for text messaging, calling, listening to music -- even taking photos. 'I just have to kinda guess what I'm taking it of, but it usually works out and they all turn out normal on my laptop,' he said. He has no plans to replace his busted up phone.

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    It all started at a Dean Brody concert. Unknowingly, this was the last time that i would be able to use my phone in its pristine condition. After the concert I was with a few friends on my roof and decided to put my phone down. I made sure the phone was secured and would not slide off, however i hadn't of the vibration my phone would suffer due to receiving any text messages. After a few minutes I received a text, not an important text by any means, but a text nonetheless. This text caused my phone to vibrate and begin its slide down my roof. By the time I realized what was happening all I could do was watch my lit up Iphone slide to its "death". Hearing the phone hit the cement below was one of the most gut wrenching sounds I had ever heard, and I don't think anyone has ever climbed down from a rooftop as fast as I did that night. I got off the roof to see my phone lying on the ground, screen up and still fully lit. At this point I thought that my phone had completely survived this terrible fall and that all would be fine. As I approached my phone I realized that it was not just cracked, but completely smashed. Also it would seem that it was not simply the screen that had cracked but the LED display below it had gone completely haywire. Every part of the screen on my phone was completely black, save for a small portion on the right hand side of the screen. At first I thought for sure that there was no saving this phone however after further inspection the following morning I realized that it was still in some ways possible to use this thing. I found out that the only way I was able to read incoming text messages was by taking a screenshot, going into my photos, and maneuvering through said photo to discover what the text message said. Since I had had my Iphone for at least 3 years I had all but memorized the keyboard and realized that I was still able to text without actually seeing the letters. Calling on the other hand was quite difficult. There was really no way for me to find contacts through the normal methods so the only way to call someone was to either have their number memorized, or look through my text messages (which is nearly impossible) in order to find their numbers. Not only is my Iphone my cellphone, but it is also my only Ipod. For some people this may not be a big deal but I am a music lover and I play music at every opportunity I have. This proves especially difficult when I can't find artists/playlists/songs that I am looking for. For awhile I was left dealing with the shuffle option on my phone, however over time I have been able to figure out my music library through both memorization and a little bit of logic. Between the texting difficulties, impossibilities in calling and the unknown musical playback my friends have been all over me to just bite the bullet and buy myself a new phone. At first I refused because I couldn't afford a phone, however over time this phone has become almost a part of me (as weird as that sounds). I just can't believe that it has survived this long so I feel bad just pulling the plug on it. Either way, the Dean Brody concert was almost exactly 7 months ago. I have been with my phone ever since and although at times I have been beyond frustrated with it, I don't know if I could ever regret sticking with it. Think of the stories it has led to.
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