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    Posted September 9, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Sights and sounds of the DNC

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    A Look Back at the DNC Through iReports Eyes


    The  Republican and Democratic National Conventions are now history. The  parties have done their best to get the faithful excited and motivated  to go back home and get out the vote on November 6. From this point on,  what has already been a tumultuous campaign season will only get more  intense and more testy.

    Now  let's look back for a few moments on this past week. Let's take a look  back through the eyes of 3 iReporters who were at the convention  representing CNN's iReport community.

    To  help us all have a perspective of the conventions from a layperson's  perspective and not just professional journalists and talking heads, CNN's iReport community had a contest to send 3 lucky iReporters to Tampa, Florida for the RNC and 3 lucky iReporters to Charlotte for the DNC.

    Those iReporters selected were:

    The RNC - Alex Anderson, Matt Sky, and Elizabeth Lauten aka ajjanderson, liereport and dcgopgirl respectively

    The DNC - Omekongo Dibinga, Melissa Fazli, and Willie Harris aka omekongo, MelissaF, and Wharris613 respectively

    Last week we looked back at the iReporters at the RNC: RNC Down, DNC Up Next.

    This week we turn to the DNC.

    So how did it go for the intrepid iReporters at the DNC?

    Did the iReporters serve the community well?

    You be the judge.

    Here is what the 3 DNC iReporters provided back to the community from the convention:

    omekongo: 45 reports total
    Watch out for Willie Harris!
    Marion Greer is fired up and ready to go!
    Protesters still going!
    A tale of 2 Willies!
    It's because Obama's black right?
    IReporter Lena J shows off her cartoons!
    Gabby Giffords recites the Pledge of Allegiance!
    My reaction to Obama's speech from the Convention
    The DNC says "Thank you" to our troops
    In the building waiting for Obama!
    My interview with Michael Steele
    Spontaneous party on the streets of Charlotte!
    My wife meets Roland Martin
    Great picture of Dr. King & Obama
    Bill Clinton capped off a great day 2 of the DNC
    Hispanic Caucus goes crazy for Michelle!
    Michelle Hispanic Caucus speech finale
    Michelle Obama Hispanic Caucus speech pt. 1
    Michelle Hispanic Caucus speech pt. 2
    This woman wants Clinton back in office!
    My interview with LGBT Caucus member
    Meeting Michael Steele
    Michelle Obama shakes hands after speech
    Protester thinks Obama is anti-Israel
    Waiting for Michelle Obama at the Hispanic Caucus
    Protests mark end of first day of DNC
    Michelle Obama's speech a great end to DNC day 1
    Getting ready for Michelle Obama!
    Dennis Kucinich in the building!
    Protesters out in full force at DNC!
    Facebook question response: Michelle Obama
    Protester tells me why he likes Romney
    Greetings from the DNC arena!
    My interview with a convention first timer
    Rev. Jesse Jackson looking pensive
    Gotta love Soledad O'Brien!
    Gov. Bill Richardson in the house!
    This man is NOT happy with Obama!
    A tour of the great food at the CNN grill!
    The CNN bus is cool!
    Just met Robert Gibbs at the airport!
    DNC here I come! Like my shirt?
    New developments the DNC should focus on
    Out with family before the trip
    What I'm NOT looking forward to at the DNC

    MelissaF: 25 reports total
    (Melissa informed me she still has 2 more reports in the can yet to be uploaded)
    More Photos from DNC
    Obama Takes the Stage
    More Great Pics from the DNC
    Immigration Protests at DNC Part 5 of 5
    Immigration Protests at DNC Part 4 of 5
    Immigration Protests at DNC Part 3 of 5
    Immigration Protests at DNC Part 2 of 5
    Immigration Protests at DNC Part 1 of 5 Roland Martin
    Me and my Sis after Obama's Speech
    Reverend Jessie Jackson
    Veteran iReporters Meetup at DNC
    Obama Takes the Stage with Clinton
    Clinton Rocks the DNC
    Bill Clinton at DNC
    Met Terry McAuliffe at CNN Grill
    Sandra Fluke
    Clinton gets Standing Ovation Great People at DNC
    No Love for Obama at DNC
    Great Food from the CNN Grill
    iReporters Have Arrived to DNC
    Leaving on a Jet Plane to DNC
    We Got the Golden Tickets
    Gettin Ready for the DNC~Photo Diary

    Wharris613: 7 reports total
    Taking it to the Streets
    Former President Bill Clinton Takes the Stage
    President Clinton Speaks Tonight
    Not Everyone in Charlotte Loves Obama
    Reporting from Inside the DNC
    Inside the DNC
    Descending to Charlotte

    Those who have visited or followed the reports what was clear is that  the most prolific of the 3 DNC iReporters was Omekongo. Omekongo  definitely was at ease in getting his interviews and doing his reports  for sure. But, prolific and quantity doesn't always mean the best in  quality, not that Omekongo suffers in that department at all.

    It  was some of Willie's reports in video quality and production which went  above and beyond what one would normally see in iReports from an  amateur, lay journalist. Willie's last report, "Taking it to the Streets", had a look and feel that rivals many of the "professionals'" video interviews.

    Melissa was having the time of her life which was very evident and offered up a lot to digest as well.

    All 3 of the DNC reporters were clearly in their element this past week  in covering members of the "choir". But  that didn't mean that the  reports didn't provide balance, in my opinion, with some of their  uploaded reports.

    Omekongo  definitely captured the other side of the coin doing no less than 7  reports bringing protestors and a former RNC chairman to the forefront.  He was not alone. Both Melissa and Willie reported on the protesters and  opposing viewpoints from those in, at or around the DNC as well.

    Melissa informed me that there were some WiFi issues at the hotel and  server issues at CNN that made some of the reporting and uploads  difficult to do in a more timely manner. This explains why some of the  reports came a couple of days late and some still to come. She also  noted similar issues had been experienced the previous week by the RNC  iReporters.

    But how do you believe these iReporters represented the community?

    Were we treated with insightful, objective reports?

    From the Cornfield, my hat is off to all 6 iReporters who were and are  willing to put it out there for others to see, comment and critique.

    To Alex, Matt, Elizabeth, Omekongo, Melissa and Willie thanks for providing us an inside view of the RNC and DNC.

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