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    Posted September 11, 2012 by

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    Plague of Yellow Jackets hits Alberta


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Kalalau123 says this has been the heaviest infestation of Yellow Jackets in 60 years in Alberta and uses pheromones and apple juice to lure them into his six traps. "My problem is allergies to the bites and we have a very large yard. These bugs are deadly for me, it's like living in the middle of a cobra nest," he says. "My hand swelled up and itched for two weeks after four bites to my hand and that was with taking benadryl. We need a cold, deep winter to kill the nests."
    - Anika3, CNN iReport producer

    This is one yellow jacket (wasp) trap filled in one day in my back yard.
    I tend six of them. Alberta has a record infestation of them and I have killed over 100,000 bugs this summer in my own yard and destroyed 2 large nests as well.
    We had a mild winter and the queen wasps survived bringing record infestations.
    I am highly allergic to these bugs and while changing one trap at night I took four stings to my hand.
    Our pest control companies cannot handle all the calls for nests to be destroyed.
    We are all praying for a cold winter to restore natural balances.
    Yellow jackets have no known predators but man. They are social, agressive, highly protective and attack en masse like Kamikaze suicide pilots. Nor do they die after biting, they can sting several times with highly toxic venom which can kill. Nor am I doing any macro photos of these things. Dead is far enough away.
    I now cover my hands and face while changing traps and bait (apple juice) and tend them in the morning not the evening.
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