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    Posted September 13, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Democrats, Don't Get Cocky- Obama's In But We Need to Clean the 'House'


    Democrats, after Romney's total foreign policy meltdown today, it's very apparent who's going to be President after November's Presidential election.
    Even Republican are throwing in the Romney towel.
    But don't get cocky!
    There's 'many a slip, between the cup and the lip'.
    Romney's got a lot of money. So do David Koch and Karl Rove. This is no time to celebrate. It's not over.
    The reason I say this is that some Democrats seem to be taking a victory lap.
    Remember, 'there's always pride before the fall.'
    Let's stay focused and 'humble'. There's no reason for gloating. There's a lot that needs to be done.
    Jobs need to be created. A deal on debt reduction that doesn't strip entitlements or hurt the middle class.
    We have a debt ceiling coming up again and if we're not careful, we'll be the ones held accountable for the country going over the fiscal cliff.
    So, wipe the smirk off your faces and finish the hard work. And this time, don't say, "We won. Get over it."
    We need moderate Republicans to pass the budgets and create the jobs. Share the success with the GOP if they're willing to work with us on what's most important for the middle class.
    There's no room in our party for arrogance.
    Maybe we can set a good example for our friends that are left on the other side of the aisle.
    This isn't just about who we have in the White House.
    Obama hasn't been able to pass much because of the Teapublican takeover of the U.S. House in 2010.
    All the 'young gun Republicans' need to be the first to go.
    We don't want gridlock for 'four more years'. Do we?
    Let's focus like a laser on the seats in the House and Senate that we can pick up so Nancy Pelosi can get the gavel back.
    This election is is about more than re-electing President Obama.
    And would the Senate Democrats stop being wimps and change the filibuster rule to a simple majority?

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