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    Turbulence, violence in the Middle East

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    Dictatorship governs in the East and West, and their victims we middle class people?

    Dictatorship governs in the East and West, and their victims we middle class people?

    Sorrowfully four innocents Americans were killed in Libya, because the other people did what the angry Moslems did not like. The normal academics Moslems say that what the people did in Libya was wrong. The government of USA and the diplomats had no function about a movie made by other people in the huge land of America and American government had no control about it. May be they do not know anything about that matter and may be also the angry young or older Moslems did not see the movie, too. Sorrowfully we are always the victim of the people who are some how connected to us, by religions, nationalities or races languages.

    Bahaullah an Iranian philosopher, scientist or messenger of God told the people, O ye you are all equal and you are all like the leaves of a tree. The unity of the mankind is growing in the world and do not look to each other as foreigners. You are all one. Love each other and help each other. He was Iranian, but these good words did not help me, but the hate that the people had about some rich Middle Eastern men was a gift for me and I have to pay for it. Just like the American Ambassador did pay with his life the action happened in the USA? He was responsible for 400,000,000 American and none Americans who are living in that land. What is the result of this? Ignorance and hate plus may be business.

    The rich Middle Eastern students in Germany 35 years ago reaped German girls or the girls went to them for money, and I was punished by German and could not get a room to rent and study there. I had difficulties there, Because, I was also from Middle East.
    That is sort of dictatorship also in the west acted by people. Now I put all my saving and all my capital plus many years of work in a business a boarding and language school and because the Orange County made a mistake I should lose all what I had. And because they are local government I cannot sue them. They destroyed my life and that is fine. That is also dictatorship of the local government in the free West? In the East is the same dictatorship, one made a mistake or an action that some people do not like, they killed other innocent people. That is also dictatorship.

    You help the people and they destroy your life. You open a school to help the students the county destroy your life? And you cannot do anything. That is also dictatorship or?

    Bahaullah the founder of Bahai faith told such nice sentences, but do you think all Bahais act accordingly? No, some of them are the same as bad Moslems counterpart. They misuse also the good name of Bahai to robe people. I wish one day the real Love and unity will govern the world as all these hate, disunity and ignorance that the system of the world like. They want to destroy people and have stupid ignorant people, and they think they can control them easier? Do you think, if the people can think normal will damage each other lives? If the people can love, do you think they can also kill innocent people just like recently did The American Ambassador in Libya?

    The dictators should know that in such condition even they are not safe for ever, look what had happened to Ghadafi? The Libya dictator? Like a wounded dog he had been killed. Listen all of you the dictators in the East and West. You did the people indifferent or cruel, so you can dictate them what you want and misuse their ignorance and stupidity and you use your greed and cruelties
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