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    Posted September 16, 2012 by
    Shenzhen, China

    Anti-Japanese Protests in Shenzhen China


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Fergubond is currently teaching English in China. He captured photographs of demonstrations in Shenzhen, China. He says the protesting was against the Japanese purchase of the Diaoyu Island. He says the protests were emotionally and, at times, racially charged against the Japanese. 'I heard and saw on signs, many phrases like "Little Japan Go Away!" "Japanese Devils" and some profane language mixed in,’ he said.

    He says while watching the protesting he faced some anti-American sentiment from protesters. 'One man saw I was a foreigner and yelled "China owns Japan". There was also another who yelled "Go back to America" and "something like America is evil" when he saw me. However, the thing that stood out the most was a young man who approached me to apologize in the middle of the protest. He said, "Sorry, we are not all like that,"' he said. He says while watching the protesting, he was struck by the sizable minority of Chinese youth that have been taught to hate Japan.
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    As a foreigner living in China I'm constantly reminded of how far China has come, but today I was remind of how far my new home still has to come. Today hyper-nationalism, emotions, curiosity and in some cases racism, won the day across China. In Shenzhen, as in many cities across the country, hundreds or possibly thousands marched in protest of Japan's control of a chain of uninhabited islands called Shenkaku in Japanese or as the Chinese call them Diaoyu.


    In Shenzhen the protests appeared to be mostly peaceful. People marched down the streets cheering "Zhong Guo Jia You", "Come on China" as well as other chants like "Small Japan Get Out" "Diaoyu belongs to China" and "China Owns Japan" in Chinese. While in other cities, stores selling Japanese products, Japanese cars and other Japanese related objects were damaged or in some cases destroyed.


    Many protesters claimed to be marching in the hopes of forcing the government to take a more aggressive stance against "the Japanese occupation of Diaoyu" another told me they thought many people's feeling by once again occupying Chinese territory as they did in Nanjing. Still others seemed to be marching because they got swept up in the emotion of the events.


    Being in the middle of the march, I too was a target. Some hurled words like "America is Evil" and "Go back to America!", while other people saw me and my camera as a chance to share their feelings and their signs.

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