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    Posted September 17, 2012 by
    Staten Island, New York
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    Occupy Wall Street

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    Occupy the Obvious

    Maybe the press won't or can't say it, but i believe what is wrong in this country to be incredibly obvious. Either people are just completely blinded or are just simply too tied up trying to survive and do not have time to protest.

    Simply put. The wealthy people in this country are not treating the middle and lower classes fairly. The profit to payroll margin is just not fair. What's worse, the margin is much greater that the average person realizes.

    Rather than try to meet main street somewhere in the middle, people like republicans for example, will have us all believe that we, the middle and lower class, are experiencing a terrible economy because of President Obama's failures, when in reality the real truth of which i believe to be completely obvious, is that republicans are in fact responsible.

    Republicans basically wasted the past 3 years refusing to even entertain any of Obama's ideas simply because he was working to make things a little bit more fair for the average person. The rich lobby that funds these republicans are also to blame as it seems they strive to put people in office to help the corporations they represent bend the rules in the name of profit.

    The bottom line is very clear. While large corporations, which by the way crush small business in many ways, earn record profits, salaries for their employees have not seen a comparable gain. The difference is far worse than the average person realizes and thus most just comply and go about their day.

    I am amazed more people my age don't ask themselves a very simple question; Why is it that my parent's generation enjoyed a much more prosperous time than myself or my peers? We are an educated generation of talented people and yet the thought of being able to achieve the "American Dream" is practically impossible, and in-fact much more like a struggle. Owning a home, a car in the driveway, being able to provide for a family and still be able to save a little money for emergencies, a rainy day or even a vacation is not a lot to expect. Especially for those that followed the rules, got an education and work hard.

    Eventually, and especially if the economy does not improve soon, i believe most people will eventually wake up and realize whats really going on.

    A suggestion i would offer would be to say that there should be laws in place that force campaigns for president, or any public office for that matter, to share a common budget. Both parties should be restricted to an even amount of campaign spending. At least then we would experience a fair and honest campaign. Maybe at that point the real issues would come to surface and we might actually see our country enjoy success again.

    Unfortunately and much more likely, the wealthy will prevail. They have the money and power to see their agendas thru.

    For the little guy — people like me — our voices are never heard. I feel compelled to say that this letter is a perfect example. Will my voice be heard? Will you at CNN take the time to read this today? Will you publish an honest, hard working middle class American's view? I realize this forum requests stories rather than opinions, but hey — can't hurt to try right?

    A concerned citizen,
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