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    Occupy S17 Birthday Party & Free Cookbook


    Occupy's Birthday is TODAY! I got the FULL SCOOP! And I will lay it out for you now! And get the free "Always Have Fun PARTY COOKBOOK" today! http://www.mediafire.com/view/?jxrkxe4pojcpxr9 Packed with Occupy ideas (Chapter 2) and sustainable recipes!


    Right Now! 7am! Our Occupy family is gathering in NYC, the big Apple. In 4 zones! 4 themes actually. Their mission, our mission is to shut down the New York Stock Exchange and SHUT DOWN BUSINESS AS USUAL EVERYWHERE today. To disrupt business. And remind the 1% that we are not going to take it anymore!


    The ECO Zone symbolizes the destruction of the planet and the rape of Earth's resources… to extract fossil fuels into plastics and everything we touch and do… and the FRACKING FRACK of our aquifer water supplies to finance money grubbing Wall Street excesses. Protest an entire world business model based on profiting from "externalities", i.e. POLLUTION and ECO DISASTERS!


    The EDU Zone symbolizes the privatization of education in the United States. A trillion dollar industry being BAIN'd out of existence, replacing highly regulated public school teachers with untrained corporate tools who use vouchers as an excuse to abuse the minds of our children.


    The DEBT Zone symbolizes the debt society that BAIN CAPITAL and so very many other firms have inflicted on humankind. The outrageous college tuitions! Healthcare cost inflation! Out of control ALT-S sub-prime mortgages. Gambling with Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps! You Bastards! Banks preying on our youths and poor people. Holding them by their pant cuffs outside a New York skyscraper window and shaking the last nickels and pennies out of their pockets! That whole mindset sucks! It's fake money anyways. Don't pay! Ever!


    The 99% Zone is for all the rest of us. Disgusted with our broken system. WTF! Rise Up! Get involved today! Find your local OCCUPY and get active Today!!! http://occupytogether.org Another marvelous opportunity to get active is called #globalNOISE … excruciatingly simple… bang on pots and pans on October 13, 2012. Duh! Do it! http://www.interoccupy.net/globalNOISE


    AND TODAY … I'm not sitting down! I'm taking action! Today, I launch the Always Have Fun PARTY COOKBOOK! 3:15pm SLT at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Four%20Bridges%20Project/39/251/25 Live Music! Belly Dancing! Surfing! Free Cookbook Download! http://www.mediafire.com/view/?jxrkxe4pojcpxr9


    All day today, watch the action on: http://occupystream.com/


    In detail, I'll explain our tactics. Somebody yells the CALL and we take action!


    Call: HOP HOP HOP
    Everybody hop up and down and converge together. This gives us a sense of location and where our brother and sister protesters are.


    Call: MELT (Image 8)
    Everyone just slowly lay down right where you are… you are melting into the pavement. This action can and will stop traffic. Stay stationary for up to 30 minutes.


    Form lines of people with their arms locked behind and fingers intertwined. Facing North, East, South, or West! No exposed thumbs to break! Keep you feet firmly planted about 2 feet apart bracing towards the front and back. The wall is a wall of resistance. The wall conforms to the space available; could be 1 long line or several layers or lines. The plan today is to form a wall around the New York Stock Exchange district.


    Call: WALL DOWN
    In the wall formation, just sit down! You become an even more difficult to move force!


    Call: CIVILIAN
    Just mosey about acting like ordinary people, not protesters. Where did the protesters go??? You are supposed to wear business office dress today! Protesters disappeared! … then someone yells "Wall North!" and the protesters are back! Stronger than ever! OMG! I'm soooo confused! LOL




    1. I am at the book launch party! Ready to ROCK THE WORLD! Eeeep!


    2. Monica! Oh Oh Oh! There were many fine ladies at the gig, but Monica takes the cake! Blond! Beautiful! And UPPITY as Hell! She just got out of jail from chaining herself to the Spectra Pipeline Equipment! Wow!


    3. Different Drummers at OWS! They rock!


    4. Veterans for Peace! Great guy! Love Him!


    5. Creepy Girl! Love that Outfit! You ROCK Babe!


    6. Occupy DC! Eeep! She represented! Woooooot!


    7. Icebreaker Game! What fun! Hook Pinkies and Share your name! Then rub elbows and share your Occupy Sign slogan! Then rub knees and share your vision for the world! THEN DO IT ALL AT ONCE WITH EVERYONE!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!


    8. Call: MELT!


    9. Call: WALL!

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