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    Posted September 17, 2012 by
    Savannah, Georgia
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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     JC912 posted this story on CNN iReport in September 2012. During Super Bowl XLVIII, he aired a commercial for his law firm during a local advertising block that's sparked plenty of attention online. If you saw the commercial or have thoughts on the iReport, share them in the comments below.
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    This is what happened to my brother-in-law and his friend nearly in front of her house in beautiful Savannah, GA, home of Paula Deen.

    The following is a story worthy of National News coverage, which relates to the brutal crimes being committed upon the citizens of Savannah and the exposed cover-ups of the local law enforcement to hush the growing epidemic of violence upon innocent victims in Savannah, GA.

    On September 1, 2012, Michael Biancosino, age 30, and Emily Pickels, age 21, were brutally murdered in Savannah, Ga as a result of a black gunman who opened fire on them 15 yards from Pickels House. In response to their murders (as well as two homicides that occurred - - totaling 4 murders that Labor day weekend), Savannah Chief of Police, Willie Lovett, issued a clearly misleading statement, which shocked the Savannah community.This came days after a news story where individuals were prepared to post flyers offering bulletproof vests to residents and tourists in Savannah.


    In a desperate attempt to paint Savannah as a safe place, Lovett stated that, “…no innocent victims were targeted...” in resonse to the four deaths that occured on Labor Day weekend in Savannah, Including Biancosino's and Pickel's deaths. To the contrary, it is proven with clear documented evidence that he knew BIancosino and Pickels were clearly innocent victims from two very good families at the time he made the false statement. More to the dismay of the public and the families, Chief Lovett issued the misleading and false statement only one day before Biancosino’s funeral and two days before Pickels funeral.

    Pickels was well-known in the community working at a museum. Biancosino was well-known in the legal community working for his brother’s law firm. Cops, Judges, assistant district attorneys were all present at Biancosino’s funeral. Biancosino intended to pursue law school in August 2013 with the hope of working for his brother’s firm upon graduation.

    Chief Lovett clearly made this statement as a result of pressures upon him due to the ever consistent spree of violence inflicted upon innocent victims either residing or visiting Savannah.

    Nancy Grace covered a similar story in regards to Jennifer Ross, an innocent 19 year old Savannah female, a few years back who was gunned down by a three black males who shot her in the back. Several innocent individuals since have been gunned down in Savannah.

    After Biancosino’s brother, local attorney Jamie Casino, confronted the Chief of police directly in regards to the clearly misleading and false statement, the Chief of Police took a 180-degree turn and then issued the following statement on September 14, 2012, “Both Michael Biancosino and Emily Pickels were involved in no wrongdoing as far as police know.”

    Crime is becoming treacherous in Savannah, consisting mostly of violent crimes such as armed robberies targeted at innocent tourists and residents often in broad daylight as well as in the heart of the historic district. Biancosino’s and Pickels’ deaths are just a couple more to add the roster of Savannah’s innocent murder list.
    All Savannah stations covered the story as their feature news story (WTOC, WSAV, Fox WTGS/ABC WJCL Savannah) at 4pm, 5pm, 10pm, and 11pm.

    Below are links to the news stories on Michael and Emily's innocence and the contradictory cover-ups of the Savannah Chief of Police:

    WTOC: http://www.wtoc.com/story/19549691/savannah-chief-issues-clarification-of-no-innocent-victims

    on the link above, once you go the page, you can click on another link on the page to see the full interview

    WSAV: http://www2.wsav.com/news/2012/sep/14/police-chief-murder-victims-not-involved-wrongdoin-ar-4546854/

    Fox WTGS: http://www.thecoastalsource.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=3756141
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