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    Posted September 19, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Who’s Sabotaging Iran’s Nuclear Program?


    "Tehran says power lines to two nuclear facilities were blown up—and is pointing the finger at outside sources. Has the West’s stealth war on Iran’s nukes gone from cyber warfare and targeted killings to attacks on civilian infrastructure? "

    Are we or Israel Assassinating Iran's Scientists?

    "A retired U.S. intelligence officer who still works as a contractor with the U.S. military on operations with regard to Iran told The Daily Beast that U.S. Special Forces have trained for sabotage missions inside Iran for years.
    “From the first reports, this attack looks like something from our guys,” this source said.
    This former official also said U.S. Special Forces conducted a series of targeted attacks on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in late 2011 as the U.S. military was exiting Iraq.
    That stealth offensive is widely credited with stopping Iran from attacking U.S. forces as they left Iraq."

    " If the United States conducted the sabotage of Iran’s power lines, it may help ease concerns from Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
    Last week a private disagreement between Netanyahu and President Obama went public when the Israeli leader chastised Western countries for failing to set red lines for Iran, beyond which there would be a military strike.
    While at times Israel and the United States have disagreed on Iran policy, the intelligence services of the two countries continue to cooperate on efforts to sabotage the program."

    So, we see attacks on our embassies killing a U.S. Ambassador and three State Department contractors. We call this terrorism. Could it be retribution for what we are doing in Iran?
    When we look back on 9/11, Americans feel justified for our attack on Afghanistan and Iraq because of the heinous acts by these barbarians on U.S. Soil that resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians. Could some clandestine operation have lead to Al Qaeda's revenge?
    Is it any different when we attack innocent scientists in Iran, blow up civilian power grids and stage cyber attacks on their infrastructure?

    If Iranians are pursuing a nuclear weapon, wouldn't it be a deterrent?

    They may look across their border and see that Iraq had no such weapon.

    We see what America did to Iraq.
    Are Americans safer because of these attacks or can we expect more attacks on American citizens because of our foreign policies?
    Has America ever apologized to Iran for staging the coup in 1953?

    I believe, if we are responsible for these attacks on Iran, we can expect them to retaliate. We would.

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