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    RobinHoodTax.org + Debt Resistors = Revolution!


    Financial Revolution is the new new thang at Occupy Wall Street S17! Learn why the Robin Hood Tax is a key to World Peace… and how to apply the new Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual to protect yourself and human rights! See new pictures from Occupy RL #2-#10 above, captions at end!


    Background: Thank You Readers for supporting the Occupy Wall St (OWS) S17 party on SL’s Four Bridges Project and the associated Always Have Fun PARTY COOKBOOK launch! Here’s the story including S17 RL adventures… http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-842864 And Free CookBook Download: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?jxrkxe4pojcpxr9




    The RobinHoodTax.org idea is simple. Add a financial transaction tax of ½ of 1% to all Wall Street trades. That would generate US $350,000,000,000 (350 Billion) per year. Enough to end the recession (infrastructure projects and housing), fund universal healthcare, and give a college education to every willing student in America. Basically solve all our most difficult problems overnight.


    And this solution to World Peace… can expand internationally, solving problems globally. 30 nations already levy a financial transaction tax on their stock markets, most recently France. There are pending bills in the US House and US Senate. Activists should raise awareness now; this should be the top issue in the US Presidential election (6NOV2012).


    http://www.RobinHoodTax.org is a terrific collaboration of numerous groups and famous people including environmental groups (e.g. 350.org, GreenPeace), unions (e.g. National Nurses Union, Communication Workers), social justice groups (e.g. OXFAM, Progressive Democrats of America). Groups List: http://robinhoodtax.org/whos-behind-it/endorsing-organizations


    Great Video Intro to Robin Hood Tax http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd_U2mnHqMU




    At OWS this weekend, the DEBT RESISTORS’ OPERATIONS MANUAL was launched, a new free book. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrly3s0dfkg72v7/The-Debt-Resistors-Operations-Manual_singlepagecolor.pdf


    This manual contains terrific information about US financial literacy, how to fight mortgage debt and student debts, how to go on the offensive with law-breaking debt collectors, and lots of very useful practical things to know about credit ratings and such. Download it! Read it! Apply it! There are several chapters than can provide relief to you now! Topics include:


    ·   Credit Scores and Consumer Reporting Agencies
    ·   Credit Card Debt
    ·   Medical Debt
    ·   Student Debt
    ·   Housing Debt (Mortgages! And Stopping Evictions!)
    ·   Municipal Debt (How Wall St is enslaving our local governments with derivatives scams)
    ·   Fringe Finance Credit Products and Services (e.g. Surviving as Unbanked and Pay Day Lending)
    ·   Debt Collection (Don’t Feed the Collection Agency Vultures!)
    ·   Bankruptcy
    ·   Prospects for Change
    ·   4 Appendices with Sample Letters for Every Type of Financial Defense


    I think there should be versions of this manual written for other countries, if they don’t already exist.


    http://www.StrikeDebt.org produced the Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual… Strike Debt has two other brilliant initiatives…


    ROLLING JUBILEE is a way that you can help debtors by buying their debts for pennies on the dollar before the money grubbing collection agencies do. http://strikedebt.org/initiatives/rolling-jubilee/


    OCCUPY STUDENT DEBT CAMPAIGN (OSDC) is a civil disobedience, a mass strike on student loan debt, as well as, a faculty and non-debtor petition campaign. Everyone can support OSDC! http://occupystudentdebtcampaign.org/


    Another great Robin Hood Tax video… At Occupy Wall Street! See Us in Action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG2udS-gKQc

    1.    Any joins RobinHoodTax.org at Four Bridges Project... the SpeakEasy
    2.    ReportWrongdong.com – a Bank Whistle Blowers advocacy
    3.    Sand Art is just starting in Washington Square under the arch.
    4.    Sand Art is completed hours later – an amazing effort and result
    5.    Character Actor – Arrrgh! Lol
    6.    Always Wear the Union Label! Yay!
    7.    OWS Action Organizers: Sam, Logan, and Monica
    8.    OWS Action Organizer: Lisa
    9.    A portable library backpack! Knowledge is Free! Education is a Right!
    10.  Some guys are way cuter than their leading ladies! Eeeep!

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