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    Posted September 19, 2012 by
    wilmington, North Carolina
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    Economy: Are you better off?

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    It might be a long shot. It has to be really loud - a sonic boom if you will. I believe with every cell in my body that it can happen. If you believe like I do, you are welcome to add, improve, share and do whatever you want; but we have to do something now. We have to stop just hoping and waiting on congress to get us out of this global economic crisis.
    Here in America we have a communications media, capable of reaching all corners of the world, more focused on news that does not benefit anyone other than political candidates. So now is the time for all media businesses local, national, and international, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, etc. to rally in support of an all out blitz of an American led global economic recovery effort. Every American capable of participation should contribute to this effort to grow our economy and share with the world what is good for humanity. In America we have a business system that has been tried and proven and growing in the US and internationally? It can be the beginning of what all Americans can do regardless of who they are. By now you may know what it is. The very popular talk radio persons can certainly live up to their claim of being great Americans. The internet offers additional resources, such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Univision, Their help is needed to promote the effort. A system that promotes American made and American sold in the free world. We have over 200 direct sales companies. Check dsa.com for information as well as videos on you tube highlighting President Clinton speaking about direct sales. There are many Americans with little or no knowledge about direct sales. You can purchase weight loss products, energy drinks, cosmetics, and home and mobile phones, TV and internet services. You will pay for a lot of things your entire life. Why not buy direct and earn a residual income. The prices are compatible and you will have job security while keeping others employed. Quick fixes haven’t worked and long term plans take too long, Popular American brands and even canned foods are produced in foreign countries. We just continue to buy to the point of the majority of jobs being service jobs. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Are we headed for a disaster? How long will the dollar survive?
    I believe we have an ace in the hole Direct selling is an opportunity that rewards for helping someone to earn a living, It is happening every day spreading the wealth, and you have to work to get a piece of the pie. This cannot get more American. The ones that do not have can have. The ones that have can have more. What I mean is what the hell is holding us back? Do we care what will happen to our children and grandchildren and to the dollar, Is it possible that the dollar will shrink so much to make you want to cry, and want to kick our leaders in the rear for getting us in this mess we are in.
    OK; this is how I think we can fire that silver bullet. Do we want stimulus money? Maybe. Would the silver bullet qualify for stimulus money? I don’t know. We need Americans that are successful in direct selling willing to come to a direct selling center, setup to communicate anywhere in the world, with live video to show American products, set up with meeting rooms, large screen TVs, training videos, every tool necessary to insure that no one is left behind. Will the powerful American media help promote the silver bullet locally and nationally? The silver bullet on steroids is what we need, Americans working together. We owe this to our men and women in uniform. Thank you so much. Now let’s see how American. Americans can be. God, thank you for the blessings you have bestowed on me, and God please bless America.
    By Frank Juarez


    I searched for the top ten searched words and not one was about jobs or the economy. Do Americans really care?

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