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    Posted September 23, 2012 by
    Casablanca, Morocco
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    Turbulence, violence in the Middle East

    Muslims are in deed innocent.. and so are Americans. Their contrasted cultural conditionings are the one to blame, and how to fix it

    Muslims are in deed innocent.. and so are Americans. Their contrasted cultural conditionings are the one to blame, and how to fix it.

    Protests and violence against American interests in the Muslim world in the aftermath of the new anti-Islam film and cartoons, is a preventable incident due to a cultural clash and a misunderstanding issue between the west and the Arab world that needs to be addressed officially and continuously by their heads of States and their main stream media in a way that explains how and why the historical, religious and political backgrounds and references of each world are way different than each other. In the west a film producer or a journalist was born with the right to exercise his first amendment right for free speech and opinion. In the Muslim world, where the true meaning and explanation a of “freedom of speech and opinion” is still hard to find in a dictionary, citizens are born and grown up with the right to get terribly offended and with the duty to fight back violently when their religious belief is criticized. They believe that protesting against American embassies and interests is a legitimate right to force the American government and the west to control and prevent future similar offensive films and cartoons from coming up again.
    Grateful to my opportunity to have resided and worked as a successful and happy cab driver in the State of Colorado for well over a decade till the end of 2008, I have learnt that people have the right to worship whom ever they want, even the stones! as long as they don’t throw them on each other, and they may even have the right to criticize each others religions or criticize the president and the government even publicly on the street, on the media, in a film movie or a documentary as long as their expressions don’t promote hatred and, religious and ethnic discrimination. I wish every body in the Muslim world had known that the number of films, documentaries and cartoons, published by Americans, that criticize Judaism and Christianity in the west, is way higher than the number of those criticizing Islam, and yet every body is living in peace respecting each others opinions. Unfortunately, most of the Muslims in the Arab world don’t understand yet that the grand fathers of this melting pot have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of speech to become the first constitutional amendment right for them, their grand sons and hopefully one day for every human being on earth, and that the American government would rather give up the privileges of a good diplomatic relationship with a foreign government than influencing its citizens to give up their first amendment right.
    Most people in the Muslim world, where producing a film movie or publishing a couple of words on the media must get prescreened and pre-approved by the government, blame the president and the government of the United States and hold them accountable for any publication of a film movie or a news article that criticize their religion. They don’t understand yet that the American president and his government have very limited authority and are subject to get sued and prosecuted or even ousted in case they abuse their power to deny any citizen exercising the first amendment right. As a matter of fact, I salute the initiative of Mrs. Hillary Clinton for her recent brief official statement addressing the Muslim World “The American government has nothing to do with this”, and I am gladly working on getting this message developed, spread out and clearly heard and understood, by the Moroccan Muslims, on our daily newspapers.
    Hence, to promote peace, succeed in the freedom project, regain the trust of the Muslim world and to keep up and reinforce the United States leadership of the world, the American citizens should understand the reasons behind this cultural clash and go one step at a time, with their other citizens of the world that happened to be Muslims and Arabs, to make sure they understand that America is not one race nor it is one religion; It is the Whole world in miniature, including Arabs and Muslims, living together in peace and serenity celebrating each others differences. The United States government has more resources to break the ice and multiply its efforts to tighten the cultural gap with the Arab world by conditioning its aids to Muslim governments TV channels with squeezing in, from time to time, American documentaries and TV programs about American History and national geography that may display the true human values of Americans and what they stand for to make out of this melting pot a land of the free and opportunities and a magnet for those who couldn’t secure a peaceful and a decent life anywhere else, regardless of their national origin, race, color, religion or sexual orientations.
    To wrap it up, I have to say that bad news travel faster than good one, and that is why the news of a very low budget anti-Islam movie is spreading out in the speed of light, whereas the news of heroes taking the stand to fight religious intolerance everyday and everywhere in the world remains local and is easily forgotten, and that is why the millions of repeated media projections, worldwide, of videos and pictures of dozens of radicals retaliating violently against the American government, are getting the attention of the whole world, whereas the about one and a half billion Muslims, dealing with this news peacefully, are not even heard about.
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