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    Peace Weekend and Spirit Fair 2012 in Second Life


    The whole world seems to be in a manipulated state of chaos, we are either looking at the false veneer presented by the main media, which keeps our thirst for what we think is normality alive, or, as many people are now experiencing, we are waking up fast to face the truth about how uncertain our future is on this planet and how the normal life we thought we had, probably never existed as we believed it to be. Our feelings of being safe and secure are evaporating as events are unfolding to bring the economy down, and in almost biblical terms, we may soon face food shortages and plagues, none of which are a force of nature, but mastered by the sheer greed and lust for the ultimate control of the earth by powerful men and women.

    So many people are now asking questions about what our actual existence is all about, our place in the universe and how, as conscious human beings, we came to exist at all. To know the past is to help us prepare for the future, whatever it may hold, and some people claim to know our true history. So it was with great interest that I learned about the International Peace Weekend & Spirit Fair 2012 in Second Life. I went over to the welcome area yesterday and started to look around. There are over 40 spiritual organisations at the fair with musicians and performers. There is a real feeling of tranquillity in the sim and people are friendly and helpful. I met one beautiful lady called Yman Juran who told me about the Urantia group that she belongs too, she kindly answered my many questions and invited me back to watch the ‘Light Show’ that she was to take part in later that evening (see pictures above, the show was fabulous!). There is so much to see at the fair that it’s a shame that it’s not on all week, they had storytelling, music, meditation and lots more. Going back to the fair today I joined a group of people who were testing their Auras, an energy field which surrounds us, not only in SL, but said to exist in real life too, Our individual Auras give off different colours, reflecting our inner self or soul. I spoke to two members of the group who were taking part, Sonam Kytori, who looked very pretty with her long hair and elegant gown, and handsome Trail Lauridsen who was the owner of the Aura site. Sonam told me how her Aura stayed the same colours, even when she changed seats. I tried this too and mine stayed green with an inner salmon pink hue, Sonam’s was a lovely shade of violets and mauves. Trail told us that the night before they were joined by a woman who gave off a black aura, which is a deeply troubling colour to have, and how the rest of the people there didn’t feel easy in her presence; they had all experienced the same feeling of evil. The woman left without a word spoken in the end, but it’s pretty amazing how being in SL can give people the same feelings of apprehension.


    My quest for finding out what we are and why we are here goes on, I for one, can say that I am not a believer in man’s perception of any of the religions, although I do believe that our consciousness cannot be destroyed by the forthcoming events. I’m not a particularly spiritual person, I just ask questions, my need for knowledge never leaves me, but I do have both feet on the ground, so I also never entirely believe everything I am told.


    We’ve been mislead all these years, our history isn’t what we were taught and we are capable of so much more in this universe. We really are amazing creatures who have been kept in the dark by the few and I, like thousands of others, feel that an era of greed and selfishness is coming to an end. Peace has become a strange word, more often claimed by those who have no intentions of bringing peace, so trust no one. Simply be kind to those who need your help, but be wary of those who wish to enrol you into so called peace missions and organisations, no matter how famous, founded by the elitists with their double edged swords. But mostly? Open your eyes, ask questions, look for reasons behind the answers, and finally be brave, we can change nothing by burying our heads in the sand as the disasters start to happen!


    I’m sure the Spirit Fair has so many good, honest and beautiful people who have perhaps found what they are looking for and they have made this a wonderful event. Be safe in your own journey and don’t be surprised if you see me still asking questions as you pass by! I want to know the truth and I won’t settle for anything less!


    Many thanks to Yman Juran, Sonam Kytori, Trail Laridsen and greeter Ramayana Resident, beautiful people indeed!



    Aura Trails


    ChangHigh Circus (Light show performers)

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