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    Posted September 24, 2012 by
    29909, South Carolina
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    Could the Legalization of Marijuana Help Our Economy?


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     GoGreen58 was watching a program about prohibition this weekend and he started thinking about the end of prohibition and its positive effect on the economy and what something like that would mean for today. 'What if marijuana became legal and could it help our economy?' he said. 'If the government made it legal today, people would be rushing wherever they were selling it and buying it like crazy. I would call it America’s next green gold. … It would instantly bring millions of dollars to our economy because that's how much people want it to be legal.'

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    Hello my name is Byron Thomas and America could the legalization of marijuana help jump start our economy? A lot of people in my generation feel marijuana should become legal because the good outweighs the bad. More people die from alcohol related stuff, then marijuana related stuff. I think about the prohibition days. Our government lost billions in tax revenue; gun violence and gangster activity also increased. People were getting rich by making and selling illegal alcohol. Now marijuana’s case, the government is also losing probably billions in tax revenue. If marijuana was legal people would definitely buy it. The question is could it be controlled? People could just grow it from their homes like they do now. Gangsters and drug dealers are also getting rich from selling the drug illegally. Would prison cells also be less crowded? It seems like a ton of questions come up with the discussion of legalizing marijuana. The main question is about the economy. Would this dirty money help bring down the debt? My generation believes it would and that’s why the future of legalizing marijuana is becoming brighter. We’ll never know how much marijuana’s impact will be, until it does become legal. Kill People with Kindness and May God Bless America

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