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    Paul Ryan talks about Cayman Islands.


    Now here is something I agree with. I hope he gets with Romney and tells him how unpatriotic it is for him to hide his money so he won't be taxed on it. If I don't pay my taxes I would have the IRS after me or they would garnish our families money. It's not fair that Romney gets away with this. See video of Ryan speaking on this in 2010.


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    Let's make sure that when businesses invest and build and grow here in America, that's the smart business thing to do. We don't want to have a situation where we are penalizing businesses for keeping their money and their capital and their headquarters and their manufacturing facilities here in America. So, then, rather than having Ireland and the Cayman Islands be the haven for capital formation—the place you hide your money—why don't we make it America?

    Why don't we make it here, in this country, so that we can be the leaders of this? I have no doubt in my mind that if we do this, not only can we raise the revenue we currently raise for the federal government, we can get growth back on.





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    fit2betied | 12 minutes ago

    Mitt Romney is a tax dodger plain and simple. He has the best lawyers and accountants money can buy. He has also, no doubt greased the palms of a few politicians along the way as well. He has at every turn avoided paying taxes. He may not have broken any laws that we know of (yet), but that does not in any way change the fact that he is a tax dodger. Mitt has openly stated that he wants to get rid of capital gains taxes all together. This would put his tax rate at almost ZERO% on $21 million in income. To vote Romney into office would be the billionaires dream. It would allow them to set up their finances so all of their income would be in the form of capital gains and subject to ZERO tax. This alone is reason enough to reject Romney as President.


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