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    Ever wonder where conservatives get their whacky ideas?


    My crazy Republican uncle is sort of settling down now. But he often came to me with every thing he read on every chain email he read. He told me so many tales of Obama was taking bibles away that I ended up once calling one of the places he told me about and the lady gave a big sigh and said " Lord is this back again?" My uncle didn't bat an eye so I guess he still believed it even after I let her explain to him. ( Big sigh) Well here is an interesting article about the subject.


    From the article


    Have you ever wondered where Republicans come up with their absurd ideas about what President Obama intends to do? According to Mitt Romney, Obama wants to take ?In God We Trust? off money. In The Wall Street Journal today, Michael Mukasey, who is advising the Romney campaign although the Journal does not disclose that, claims Obama might release Omar Abdel Rahman, mastermind of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center. Mukasey readily admits to having no real evidence for such a preposterous scenario. So where do these lies get invented? Often they come from the conservative underground echo chamber.



    Well, that does not tell me why anyone wants Obama to release his passport and what it might show that is of interest to the public. So I Googled. It turns out that the White House did, in fact, show Obama's passport in a publicly released video back in 2010. As The New York Daily News reported at the time:


    A close-up of the passport reveals only a few bits of information about the President, but they are specific to the question of where and when he was born.

    The document shows that his nationality is "United States of America," that he was born on August 4, 1961 and that his "Place of Birth" was Hawaii, U.S.A.

    In order to obtain a passport, an American must provide a "certified birth certificate issued by the city, country or state," according to the State Department website. This would suggest that President Obama would have had to show documentation proving when and where he was born in order to obtain the U.S. passport.


    Reporters speculated that this would be the final nail in birtherism's coffin. Apparently not. I pointed this out to McKinley and she replied, "@badler Not his recent passport. Look, I don't care about that. But I do care about Fast and Furious Docs." OK, so which passport is she talking about then? She wouldn't say.



















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