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    Posted September 29, 2012 by
    Greensboro, North Carolina
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    Final presidential debate: Unanswered questions

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    What's not being talked about


    As a single mother that was on unemployment for over a year only to end up taking a job that leaves me at or under the poverty level; listening to all these people with accusations about people being "too good" to take work at a certain pay level really burns me up! And the same people are talking about "entitlements" where does this name come from?
    I don't feel "entitled" to unemployment, I EARNED IT. Food stamps and financial assistance, I didn't qualify for because my $988/mth in unemployment + $380/mth in child support disqualified me from medical & financial assistance. As for food stamps a whopping $135 per month! My expenses? over $2500 a month including my mortgage, HOA fees, car note just to start was over $1500. BUT I rolled with the punches and starting getting rid of things.
    Mr. Romneys ' "corporations are people too" is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. THE same corporations that previously offered salaries at a competitive rate all of a sudden are now cutting salaries by almost 40%!!! THE SAME POSITION I MADE $34K ON WON'T OFFER ME MORE THAN $10/HR!!!
    I want to know what happens to people like me that fall between the cracks, once lower middle class now at poverty level?! I'm making $9/hr, cannot afford to pay the premium on my health insurance for my daughter, I am losing my town home, insurance btw I'm better off without because of the pre-existing condition, I have lost my car, my home. Rather than continue on unemployment I got right with all the change to come primarily to keep my daughter from having to feel unsafe in our living situation. No cable, no home phone, I pay my own cell bill, I now take a bus to work. I don't qualify for ANY of the programs to re-train or any other "entitlement" that might help me get back to where I was.
    Corporations are not paying what they don't have too, no matter HOW experienced you are!!!
    What do either of these candidates have to offer as a solution for the people like myself, that have fell through the cracks into poverty, bad credit, a menial job with no prospects of getting back to where I was barely 2yrs ago.
    It is so humiliating to see people I know on Facebook and in conversations talking about people like me as though we are worthless, don't exist and don't count for anything. Our President wants to give away educations and immigration status when the people here in this country cannot get the same assistance as an illegal immigrant?!
    My questions are many and I can only summarily ask who is going to look out for me and people like myself. Romney AND Obama are discounting this new class of recently poor and so do other American citizens for fear(s) I won't begin to guess. i know I'm not the only one in this position but there is no one talking about how "we" get back on our feet!
    BTW, my area has some of the largest Fortune 150 companies in the area and NONE of these corporations are hiring at competitive wages, full time or direct (many are using temporary agencies).

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