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    Collecting Child Support for Victims of Domestic Violence


    Episode 9 of the Custodial Support Forum is dedicated to Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which was created more than 25 years ago, in 1987. The Custodial Support Foundation donates services to victims of domestic violence, who are owed child support.

    Part 1 of the Episode 9, exposes the problem of domestic violence in the U.S., and the challenges of collecting child support from an offender. Susan De Jackmo, Assistant Director of the Bergen County Department of Human Services, Division of Alternatives to Domestic Violence explains the cycles of violence, and how intimidation is the first act of domestic violence, not physical action.

    Part 2 of Episode 9, provides solutions for victims of domestic violence, who are owed child support to protect themselves while taking the steps to provide support for their children. The Custodial Support Foundation makes a donation to the Alternatives to Domestic Violence, which was accepted.

    See Donation Letter to ADV:

    See Acceptance Letter from ADV:

    What Services Are Available to Victims of Domestic Violence?

    Solution: Collection Program

    The Custodial Support Foundation provides necessary steps to maintain the confidentiality of victim's information, while providing investigative, legal, and collection services to seize and liquidate noncustodial parents assets to pay their arrears.

    The Custodial Support Foundation's Collection Program

    The Custodial Support Foundation not only provides a Collection Program to assist custodial parents in obtaining a Child Support Enforcement Order, custodial parents are also provided with investigative services to determine noncustodial parents' locations, incomes and assets in an investigative report.

    Investigation Services

    The investigative report can be used in a motion to represent a noncustodial parent was served, when they refuse to accept being served by the court. The investigative report also enables the assets to be determined and seized once an Enforcement Order has been granted by the court.

    Legal Assistance

    The Custodial Support Foundation provides custodial parents with attorneys to assists in the preparation of Motions to obtain an Enforcement Order to levy, seize and liquidate a noncustodial parents assets that refuse to pay child support or satisfy their child support arrears.

    The Custodial Support Foundation also offers Attorney Appearance Service that provides an attorney to file the necessary court documents and make the court appearance to seize and liquidate noncustodial parent's assets.

    Collection Services (Episode 4)

    The Custodial Support Foundation also provides custodial parents with an attorney based collection agency that has a 91% success rate of collecting debts with Enforcement Orders and an 84% rate of collecting debts with a Court Order. The Custodial Support Foundation's collection agency's fees are included in the Motions prepared by the Foundation's attorneys to prevent any child support arrears from being deducted as payment or to prevent the custodial parent from being required to pay the collection agency.

    Apprehension Services (Episode 5)

    The Custodial Support Foundation provides services to assist on the speedy apprehension of noncustodial parents with child support warrants. The services include requesting a Child Support Arrest Warrant be issued in accordance with noncustodial parents contempt of complying with a child support order. The services also include requesting the Judge grant to payment of a fugitive recovery agent by the noncustodial parent to assist in the speedy apprehension of the noncustodial parent. Bounty Alert has contracted more than 43 Licensed Fugitive Recovery Agencies to apprehend noncustodial parents with child support warrants.

    Contact Information

    Custodial parents not receiving adequate child support can receive assistance in obtaining an Enforcement Order and the collection of their arrears by calling the Custodial Support Foundation's Call Center at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357. Viewers can also visit the Custodial Support Foundation's website at http://www.CustodialSupport.org.

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