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    Posted October 4, 2012 by

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    Question for Obama Supporters


    I'm still trying to figure out, for the life of me, why people still love this President so much? What has he done for you?


    What has he done for Hispanics? He speaks to groups, one of them the Hispanic population. In the last four years, has he made life that much better for the Hispanic population?


    What has he done for women? He speaks to groups. He's spoken directly to the female voting base, bating gender wars. Has he made things that much better for women, compared to before, in this country?


    What has he done for African Americans? He speaks to groups, not Americans as a whole. He's told African Americans he understands them, is there for them, and wants to help them, specifically inner-city, African American families. So, you see the theme here, I have to ask - has he made life better for African Americans these last four years?


    He had the house and senate for two years in his control. All the things he talks about wanting to do is great, but he has a huge problem with implementation. He didn't do ANYTHING his first two years, when he could have done everything he preached; i.e. cut the deficit. Didn't do that. Create jobs. Didn't do that. Force corporations to come back from over-seas. He didn't do that. Stop all the war spending he talks about. He didn't do that, either.


    Who, that was screaming to get rid of Bush because their life was ruined by him, is actually now better off, just because Obama - and all of his ONLY TALK - is in Office?


    "I won't have to put gas in my car anymore. I won't have to pay my mortgage! I helped him, so he's going to help me!" I wonder if that woman has had a free mortgage and free gas for the last four years. Hmmmm...


    DID YOU KNOW: The tax cuts he's about to let expire affect the middle class, too. People making between 40-60K will, when the tax cuts expire, have to pay about $2,000 more a year in federal income tax. Who knows what cuts were on the state level that will also add to it. Be ready to see less money on your pay-check. Thanks, Obama.


    What makes him so great? If I can be president by just saying everything stupid people want to hear, then spend trillions of tax dollars - with nothing to show for it - then not live up to the bogus promises I made to people, THEN turn around and make the same promises again - sign me up for President!

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