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    Posted October 8, 2012 by
    Ithaca, New York
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    Stories from Second Life

    From SL To LDR To RL

    Arty and I met in January 22, 2011 at one of several Wild West RP sims as Native Americans. He was Cherokee. I was Abenaki. I was about to log off when a Group notice popped up about Cherokee Story Hour. I'd never been and decided I'd see what the big deal was about. I'd not been sitting there long when a private IM arrived in the form of a picture... of my avatar taken from the opposite side of the fire around which about a dozen or so others sat. I looked up and gave him a smile. I don't remember a damn thing about the rest of stories that were told that night. Arty and I spent the next two hours flirting in private IMs. At the end of the night, my avatar (Alizbet) walked home alone, already madly in love.

    Our romance was swift. Two weeks later he proposed in the traditional Cherokee way. He brought me a dead deer he'd hunted and killed and I prepared a meal for him as my acceptance. Engagement Venison! Who'da thunk it? We were SL married Feb. 17, 2012 and spoke to each other for the first time in Skype that night for four hours.

    With but a few exceptions we have been online in SL with each other every single night for no fewer than 3 hours ever since. Skype has also been a bit part of our relationship and getting to know each other. We even have a baby girl named Willow and another baby on the way, due in the Spring. Yes, Second Life goes A LOT faster in that regard than RL.

    I think we both knew from the start that we'd have to meet one day. We both wanted it but the 1600+ miles that separated us seemed so daunting. In June 2012 an opportunity presented itself and Arty took to the road, driving from Texas to New York so we could meet for the first time in person. My nerves were a mess! Would we still like each other in person? I didn't want to ruin the wonderful relationship we'd worked so hard to create these past six month. Arty and his typist were the best things that had happened to me in a very long time! At 9:30 on a Sunday night he pulled into my driveway. As soon as his arms were around me as we stood by his car all the fears simply melted away. The next 5 days were heaven and when he pulled away again the following Saturday all I could do was stand on my front porch and cry.

    Plans for my trip to Texas were already starting. At this writing I am only a couple weeks away from booking my one-way flight to Austin to be with the man that I learned to love from the inside out. At the end of the week, we're packing everything of his that we can into his car and driving back to my home in New York.

    We still plan on continuing our lives in Second Life once we are together full time together in the Real World, I mean, we have a baby to consider and with another one on the way - we can't stop now! Logging off for a Net-Break will not be the same. We are both looking forward to the new chapter in our deepening relationship, both In World and In Real Life.

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