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    Posted October 9, 2012 by
    Greensboro, North Carolina
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    No one is talking about the new class of poor

    There is an entirely new class of poor created by this recession and no one, politicians, press or even my neighbors and 'friends' are talking about them. I am among them. I used to be lower middle class or upper poor however you want to put it. I made my mortgage, paid my bills, covered my daughters needs and some of our wants. We traveled a little and had money for clothes and groceries I even took on a car note after a bad accident. All it took though was an illness I'll never recover from and a year out of work and it's all gone!
    My credit, my home, my car, my savings, my 401k any stability or peace of mind I once thought I had. We were comfortable I wasn't looking to rule the world or run a business just be comfortable in our little piece of it. Neither one of these candidates are talking about the new class of poor people that are now working for wages below the cost of living because the so-called trickle down effect and corporations DON'T HAVE TO PAY a fare wage!
    At first I thought it would pass. I was always to get a decent wage and I was never unemployed for long however this time has been different. So I went for some training's and looked to change career paths thought I'd find something to do that might demand better pay. Oops! My bad! 46 year old woman with a child and YEARS(!!!) of experience AND education now making $9/hr because even in the field I've been in for the last 7yrs. they won't offer me better than 2/3's of what I was making?! So I may as well go ahead and make that career change now.

    I have a faith in something greater than both of these men. What I want to know is when and who will address the biggest problem on that hill; an unchecked Congress!! Increasing their own pay, better health benefits than our soldiers, more time off than the average employee and to do what?! In the past year they have not done ANYTHING that's lasted more than 6 months at a time?! Bubblegum and tape for the majority of the last 2 years. Surely their sponsors and lobbyists are getting tired of paying for nothing. I want these candidates to tell me when they are going to restore Congress and Senate back to what they are supposed to be?!

    Representatives of the people! Not lifetime politicians!!! Paul Ryan has NOT EVER DONE ANYTHING ELSE! How can he possible know what it is to be like me? Not to mention the fact that he is all rhetoric. How does Romney pick a running mate against in vitro fertilization when 3 of his own children used it to give him grandchildren?! I digress!!!

    Congress and Senate needs to be reigned in, terms need to be cut, qualifications need to be restored and one should no longer be allowed to profit after sitting. In this way they can no longer be so powerful and they should not be allowed to retire with full benefits no matter how long they serve, WTH?!
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