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    Posted October 11, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Ignoring Won't Make Security Lapses Go Away


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     k3vsDad told me, 'As a former service member I took to heart my oath to protect and defend. That same standard must be met by our elected and appointed officials.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    The  Administration of President Barack Obama seems intent on either  presenting the wrong information for political gain or totally ignoring  the failure of providing adequate security to diplomatic missions  throughout the world. This has been glaringly obvious from the murder of  our ambassador and 3 other members of the diplomatic corps in Benghazi,  Libya on September 11.

    First  we are offered the wrong information, which Congresswoman and  Democratic National Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz claims does not mean  it is false, that the murders were a result of reaction to a despicable  anti-Islam video. That assertion has been debunked over and over.

    Then  we are told that some extremists, not terrorist or anyone aligned with  Al Qaeda, took advantage of a protest against the video to make their  move and kill our citizens. When it becomes evident that this is a clear  act of terrorism with a group loosely aligned or sympathizing with Al  Qaeda, the Administration, even the President, refuse to call the  muderous rampage what it was...a planned terrorist attack.

    By  accident in yesterday's hearing by State Department officials,  including Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy, we learn that there  was a highly trained CIA rapid deployment force in an adjacent building  who did nothing while our diplomatic mission in Benghazi was over-run  and our citizens were killed.

    Then  today, Stephanie Cutter, a high official in the Obama re-election  campaign and former member of the White House staff has the gall to say  that the lack of security, the ineptitude in handling the safety of our  diplomats, the killing of Americans in Libya is a political issue only  because Republican challengers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have made it  political.

    Since  when has stark failure on the part of an Administration in defending  and protecting Americans in foreign countries, not to mention members of  the diplomatic corps, not been a political issue and no concern to the  American people and of the Congress?

    Ignoring  the words - terrorism, terrorists, act of terror, war on terror - does  not make the reality go away. Rhetoric does not work when American lives  are in jeopardy.

    This  is a clear failure on the part of the President and his Administration.  The chief duty of any president is protecting the citizens of the  United States of America no matter where they may be and even more so in  diplomatic missions which are considered sovereign soil of the US under  international law. The primary duty of the federal government is  defense. And in this situation, the President failed to protect.

    What  is even more egregious is learning that requests for more security, for  more personnel and ability to carry live ammo and defend what is US  sovereign soil and US citizens were met with "No's" by the  Administration. Rather we learn that instead of fulfilling the federal  government's primary duty of defense, the Administration was trying to  turn over its responsibility to the local, host government to provide  the needed protection.

    This  President and this Administration are failing in fulfilling the primary  duty under the Constitution which is defense. You cannot hand off that  constitutional responsibility to a foreign government. It is your  responsibility, Mr. President, and your Administration.

    From  the Cornfield, spin it all you like, but it was on your watch, Mr.  President, as the facts come out, where failure on your part or your  Administration to adequately protect US citizens, our citizens,  including our ambassador, were murdered.

    For once take responsibility and let the buck stop where it rightly belongs, with you, Mr. President.



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