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    Posted October 12, 2012 by
    08440 CARDEDEU, Spain
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    Catalonia has reached the point of no return


    Experts warn that Spain without Catalonia will suffer a serious economic down-turn. If this is confirmed, it should never be an excuse for Catalans keeping Spain afloat: They alone must face the consequences of their ECONOMIC and CULTURAL mistakes during decades.


    Catalans have reached the point of no return: It is a matter of FEELING. No matter how strong the Spanish negative reaction is, no matter the insufficient international knowledge of their long struggle for identity recognition, a growing number of Catalans have a motivating hope: Finally it seems possible now, if we do not give up!


    Catalans are committed to become a New European State, and the counterproposals that are likely to come from Spain, have not much chance of being accepted by the majority of Catalans, because they would cause an enormous sense of frustration. Many Catalans are progressively recognizing the political courage, vision and leadership of Artur Mas, who is really aiming for full independence, not blackmailing to get a fiscal pact (like some erroneously interpreted initially).


    Spaniards seems caught by surprise. They do not ask any question themselves. They are simply infuriated, taking only the cataclysmic approach: They seem absolutely determined to refuse the reality, insisting that Spain is "una, grande y libre".


    Since Franco's death, Spain gives for granted "unity by definition", with undemocratic behavior, claiming "Constitution cannot be changed".


    This monolithic attitude has been successfully installed in most Spanish population minds, sold to them as a patriotic heritage, recalling past glories, etc. The bad thing is that if they ever changed policy, which is unthinkable, it would take more than a generation for Spaniards to learn to accept the territorial and cultural diversity.


    Spaniards should ask themselves: How can it be that Swiss citizens in Bern & Zürich (63% german speaking) do not hate Geneva or Lugano citizens  for speaking different? (20% French, 7% Italian) .  And how is it possible that Geneva or Lugano citizens fell comfortable?. Simply because Bern & Zurich citizens never proclaimed abolute Unity, were German was the mandatory, primordial Swiss language.


    This is the conclusion of the Catalans:
    Hopes of one day being accepted inside monolithic Spain are definitely exhausted.


    The pressure for autonomy by Catalonia and Basque Country was diluted in 1978 using the "café para todos" solution (coffee for all): 17 autonomous regions, most of them artificial, that had to urgently invent their Flag, Logo and Anthem. They thought it would work, but it has not.


    Spain is uncomfortable with the Catalans because:


    a) They insist in speaking their language, frequently interpreted as an annoying and disturbing provocation.


    b) They blame PSOE and PP governments of ruinous infrastructure policies:


    -Madrid-centric, unaffordable High Speed Rail.
    -Dead Airports without planes in many small cities.
    -Big Theaters and Sport-Halls in rather small villages.

    Semi-corrupt practices are the main cause of those errors, and consequent enormous, unbearable debt. Spain should have never become SECOND country in the world in kilometers of High Speed Rail, or have more airports than Germany, using European subsidies. Please have a look at:



    Spain published in 2009 the fiscal balances, showing that Catalonia yearly sends to Spain about 16000 Million Euros, that never return. This is more than 9% of Catalan GNP (should be no more that 3 to 4%). This figure is technically complex to calculate, and is often denied, using a recurrent false logic:


    "Taxes are applicable to persons, not to territories". The trick is:


    A very important part of Tax-Return, in the form of infrastructures, is "territory related". And Catalonia has a visible, measurable, unprecedented level of infrastructure deficit, accumulated over the years. Just an example: The rail line to Valencia has an important portion (Tarragona-Vandellós) with single-track ONLY, while many High Speed Rail in the "meseta" have very few passengers stepping down at terminus (6 million passengers per year is the profitability threshold).


    The see the level of insult to Catalonia check "www.apuntem.cat" for a comprehensive, categorized by subject, gallery of terrible hatred (obviously from extremist, marginal, illiterate, primitive minds), bordering delinquent and terrorist behavior.


    It is this suffocating feeling of 21st century colonialism of the "conquistadores", that feeling of contemptuous rejection, clearly undemocratic behavior, what mostly fueled the September 11, Barcelona huge demonstration.


    There is a growing sense of "Independence can not be worse than what catalans have now". And if they do not give-up, it should be successful in the mid term.


    Sooner or later, a referendum will be made, and if the result is clear enough, nothing will stop the Catalans.


    Jordi Vidal


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