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    Posted October 17, 2012 by
    Bronx, New York
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    Lance Armstrong speaks out

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Gorilla69 has supported the LIVESTRONG Foundation since the first inspirational bracelet. He is extremely disappointed in Lance Armstrong and says in order for him to continue supporting the foundation the name must be changed. ‘I hope that the organization can find a more suitable spokesperson and continue the noble work it is doing in the name of cancer patients,' he said.

    'Lance Armstrong should be ashamed and should have come clean. Seven Tour De France wins is a long time to keep up a lie. He was worshiped and adored by many people. Some people want to excuse Mr. Armstrong’s actions with the very true claim that the Tour De France is one if not the most grueling sports event on the planet. If you can’t accomplish the feat without cheating the cheating then it is not a feat…it is a lie and lots of people were looking up to those lies.'
    - Jamescia, CNN iReport producer

    I lost my grandfather to cancer when I was 9 years old. In 1978 cancer medications and treatments were no where near what they are now. The survival rate was daunting to say the least.

    Children were not allowed to see patients in the terminal ward where my grandfather was being taken care of. However, because my family knew how close I was to my grandfather and how devastated I would eventually be at his loss, they were able to sneak me in to see my grandfather. It was a visit I would never forget. My grandpa's face had keloids and I knew then that he would soon pass. Needless to say to this day I miss my grandfather.

    Cancer is a horrible disease. When Lance Armstrong's story came to light and what he accomplished after his bout with cancer was something that I thought was phenominal. I wanted to support his cause so I purshased a wrist band. I have never taken it off.

    Now as it is coming to light that the allegations against Mr. Armstrong are more than likely factual I am anguished to know that honesty is in short supply these days. For a well-known athelete to cheat is inexcusable. For Mr. Armstrong to give false hope to cancer patients and survirors is horrific. Yes he helped raise millions but it doesn't make it right. He cheated. He cheated to get back and he cheated to win. He is certainly not the last athelete nor will he be the last athlete to cheat.

    I am truly saddened by this news and conflicted as to what I will do with my wrist band. This is why I tell my children that true heros only exist in fiction; in the super hero movies that we enjoy watching. A true hero would not lie and cheat. I am by no means passing judgement for I am not worthy. I am however being TRUTHFUL about what Mr. Armstrong has done. He is no longer a hero, but an extremely tarnished image of what I think we all strived for. Now he will forever be a footnote in a sport that needs more regulation.
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