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    Posted October 20, 2012 by

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    National referendum in Iceland today - new constitution


    Next saturday ( october 20.) there will be a national referendum in Iceland .
    There will be six questions , and the most important is - Do you want a new constitution or do you want to keep the old one.
    After the banking crash in 2008 ,people lost all respect for the bankers and politicians.
    Most of the Bankers,businessmen,and politicians ,that are responsibility for the crash,are still having a nice day ,and enjoying their ill gotten money.
    Most of the politicians that where in parliament before and during the crash,are seeking reelection in the election next year.
    Right politicians do not like the new constitution ,and many on the left side do not like it either.
    Probably because ,that the new constitution gives the people more power, and more responsibility on the politicians.


    This referendum is important for Iceland and the people of Iceland -


    There was an elected Constitutional Council elected to make a new constitution, and put that as a bill to parliament .


    The main themes which the Constitutional Council has observed during its work have been these three: Distribution of power, transparency and responsibility. The Council has strived to increase the distribution of power with a clearer division between the three branches of power. Furthermore it provides for an increased public participation in decision-making, also leading to further distribution of power. The Council put much emphasis on a clear and intelligible presentation of the constitution, regarding the wording and overall structure, as well as making it clear who has power according to the constitution and as a consquence responsibility.


    So if the public says yes on the bill today - then it will be put to parliament for further work .


    THere where also questions on the referendum,about if the state church should be mentioned in the constitutuion - if everybody in iceland should have equal vote,and more .


    You can see on the photo my vote .


    Here you can see the constitution assemblys homepage in english



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