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    St Charles, Missouri
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    How I Stopped Arthritis of the Spine (Ankylosing Spondylitis


    I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) in Dec 1986. I was told by an Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. James Brewer I would be frozen in 10 years and confined to a wheel chair and in 15 years probably be dead. I had a young family at the time working as an electrical engineer for General Dynamics and just graduated from college at Purdue University in Aug 86. I told Dr. Brewer I would find a way to stop the disease and he told me "No you won't and he said I must accept my fate and he told me the disease is incurable and can never be stopped. I suffered with the disease for about 17 years having to take massive doses of anti-inflammatory medication (indomethacin and pain killers such as Darvocet). Even with the medications I could hardly walk and in so much pain I could not lay flat on a bed due to the pressure of the bed would make me cry. I fought the disease trying every type of alternative option I would hear about. I researched the disease and spoke to countless alternative doctors, natural paths, hierologists, etc. Due to all the medications, I developed Hemolytic Anemia that caused me to shrink down to about 80 pounds. I had to live in a homeless shelter for over a year and could not work. I was a Veteran and was receiving care from Volunteers of American in Indianapolis. I relocated there because my wife had left me and I wanted to be close to my 4 children. In Nov 1994 the doctors at the VA hospital recommended I have my spleen removed to try and stop the anemia and said if it did not work I would die in about 3 months. I called and spoke to one of my dear friends in Provo, Utah and he told me about a German Doctor that had treated him for Epstein Bar Syndrome. I called the German Doctor (I will give out her name with her permission) and faxed her medical records. She told me on the phone I should let the doctors remove my spleen and she said that it would stop the hemolytic anemia but she said if I were there; she could keep me from losing my spleen. She was located in Utah. In 1997 I visited the German Dr in Utah and she treated me for free. I had received Total and Permanent Disability in spring of 1994 and rented a small house in Lebanon, IN where my ex-wife and kids were living. I could not stay in Utah because of my children. The German doctor told me I would need treatment from her for 2 years to recover from the AS. She told me to go back to Indiana and get a juicer and juice barley and or wheat grass and drink as much of it as I can, buy Udo's Flax Seed Oil and Cod Liver Oil (Lemon Flavored) and find a way to clean my colon wall. I went back to Indiana and went to Lowes and bought a small 1/2 inch ball valve and bought an adaptor to attach the valve to my faucet in my bathroom. The valve has a lever that diverts the water out the side. I bought a soft hose from Lowes and used it to run very warm water up my rectum to clean my colon. The German doctor told me it would take about 4 years to recover. She was right. It did take about 4 years but it worked. She said that most diseases reside or have their foundation in the colon wall and the colon wall is normally saturated with essential fatty acids (EFA) (contained in fish oil and flax oil). She said that as a child we have an abundance of EFA in our body but as we get older (adults) we lose our ability to maintain EFA. She said that the veins that run through our bodies attach to the colon wall to pull nutrients into our bodies and to expel toxins and waste out of our bodies. She said that the colon wall becomes brittle and hardened and caked with waste as we get older it becomes a perfect hibernating environment for bacteria, viruses, organisms, worms, etc to reside and this is a major cause of immune imbalances in the body that causes chronic disease. She told me the barley and wheat grass juice will detox my body and help to rebalance my immune system but if I did not get my colon wall healthy; I would never recover and the disease would continue to spread. I have been free of all medications since 2002 minus a small time after I was in a car accident in 2004 I had to take some medication due to inflammation from the car accident. I have recovered most of my mobility back and run on a treadmill a mile and a half every day at a sprint (6.5 - 8.0) on the treadmill. I am healthier today than I have been and healthier today than I was before I was diagnosed with the disease. I owe my life to this lady. I will never forget her for giving me the knowledge to get my health back. I was able to go back to work in Sep 2000 working for Lockheed Martin in Marietta, GA and then FTW, TX. I currently work for the Government as a Computer engineer in Hazelwood, MO. Now what I would like to say:

    I am a supporter of President Obama. I believe that his health care reform (Obama Care) will increase competition in the market place. How many auto insurance companies are there? Thousands. How many Health Care Provider Insurance Companies are there? Maybe 10. The exchanges I believe will allow for creation of many more Health Care Insurance Providers thus driving the cost of Health Care down.


    This gets me to some other points I want to make. I firmly believe that it is continued MONOPOLIZATION and DEREGULATION that has caused the great depression, the recession in the 1980s and this recession ion 2008. Monopolization is what chokes out competition in the market place and drives wages down. Deregulation is what has caused massive amounts of jobs to be allowed to move overseas. The ideas of Mitt Romney to TRUST corporations to "take care of the American people" is ridiculous. Mitt Romney wants to gut the federal government of vital programs: The department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency and probably will gut the Department of Energy a well. This country's economy is based on its vast resources and not currency. There has always been a federal debt and it has NEVER been paid back by the government to the Federal Reserve. You look at prior to WWII and what the federal debt was then and then we rolled out equivalent of trillions more to pay for WWII and then we rebuilt Europe off of our Fed Reserve and then we help build up the economies of the world off of our Fed Reserve. When was that DEBT ever paid back? It wasn't.


    What mattered was utilizing resources to put people back to work. We built the dams, bridges, the electrical grid, the highways we have with the money rolled out of the Fed Reserve during WWII and the unemployment rate went to 1 percent after WWII and the Fed Debt never got paid back and NOBODY CARED. Sure today we have a world economy thanks to the USA but look at how well the dollar is doing in spite of the Fed Debt. Nobody cares about it. It is wrong for the American people to be suffering due to politics.


    The Republicans have blocked and obstructed this President's every attempt to recover the economy all in the name of Federal Debt, Regulations and the size of government while at the same time want to preserve tax breaks for the wealthy and deregulate corporations further and allow them to keep sending jobs overseas. The biggest welfare recipients in this country are foreign countries, corporations with their massive tax breaks and lawyers. The government DOES create jobs through many ways such as investing in research and development, fostering new technologies and innovation and as it did during WWII. We have a large military that allows us to negotiate for resources around the world and take those resources if they refuse to allow us to negotiate for them. We have an EPA to preserve our resources and use everybody else’s so at the end of the day; we still have ours. That is called looking after the National Security and Interest of the American people.

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